19 July 2013

Silver and White

This lovely heat wave has forced me to create a uniform of sorts; consisting of soft cotton dresses paired with cotton tote bags and flat sandals.Its hard to dress appropriately for work in any kind of extreme weather, although I've sort of given up on looking polished and professional and have settled for making it to the office without melting and calling it a victory.
Unfortunately the heatwave-uniform leaves very little room for accessories because its just too hot to pile anything else on. Luckily, iPhone's are a bit of an accessory in themselves because there is such a wide array of ways to personalize it. Recently I was contacted by Iconemesis to review one of their cases. You may remember that a few months ago I worked with them and was impressed with their working with independent artists and the array of designs offered. After using one of their cases for a few months I've found that these are easily the best cases I've got, even better than the expensive CaseMate one's. They are made of thin, light, durable plastic that doesn't add bulk to your phone and does an excellent job of protecting it. This one, designed by artist Sacha Kreeger made the perfect accessory for my hot weather uniform.

Dress: Levi's for Opening Ceremony via TJMaxx (similar here)
Madewell Hepcat Sunglasses
Uniqlo tote (similar here)
MaraisUSA Sandals
Phone case: Iconemesis


  1. omg those sandals! love this entire outfit.

  2. you look great! I agree, it's been too hot to try too hard with fashion!
    kallie, butfirstcoffeeblog.com

  3. Your flats are the cutest and I love that case!

  4. You always have the coolest shoes.

  5. That looks like the ideal summer dress. Dressing for summer heat is always something I struggle with. You'd think you'd get used to it/come to know what to expect year in and year out but noooo, it always takes you somewhat by surprise.

  6. You look lovely, I have just been wearing summer dresses, it is far too warm for anything else!

    Maria xxx

  7. I'm kind of obsessed with shoe-sandals/old man sandals and the ones you're wearing are amaaazing, they give your outfit a greek vibe. You look lovely and put together!

  8. I do really like this. White dresses and silver sandals. Easily becoming my summer favorites.

  9. Another item on my list! A white sundress. This one is so perfect!! I just love the collar and the fit. Thanks for linking to a similar one.


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