15 July 2013

Golden Haze

Summer is here to stay in all its hot, humid glory according to the mercury. Today came it at 101 degrees with a bright hazy sky. I kept cool in a golden summer sun dress with my favorite old sandals and an oversized cotton tote bag.
I'm still in catch up mode after a few hectic weeks of friends visiting, holidays, parties and a quick trip to North Carolina. I'd had a whole bunch of early summer ideas for things, but it seems that the summer is slipping past me and we're half way through July. Just make it slow down a little please! I need to soak up a little sun and not let it pass by too fast. What have you all been up to lately?

Free People dress (similar here)
Kork Ava Ease Sandals
H&M boater hat
Stay Home Club Symbols Tote
Madewell Hepcat Sunglasses
Casio watch (similar here)


  1. I feel the same way about summer! Where the heck is it going?

    Also I love Kork-Ease shoes...I have two pairs myself!

  2. That tote is amazing. Summer is such a weird time for me. It's typically much cooler and we get our warm days in early Fall, but it never really gets above 80 degrees. In fact, I think I may have to wear tights today! Eek!

  3. Loving the look so much, can I steal your sunnie? ;)

    The Young Bridget Jones

  4. You look so pretty and summery! And so does that thermometer, geez.


  5. What have I been up to? I've been up to WANTING YOUR HAIR. Srsly tho how do you always look so '90s in a good way?

  6. That dress is wonderful! Sadly it's Winter here :(

  7. I would trade you, its awfully hot!! Stay warm :)

  8. Girl, I gave up on my hair. My blow dryer is hibernating, my hair products are in hiding and the only thing I can bear to put on my head is aloe vera gel. Thanks for saying it looks nice though :) I'm so excited you think I look 90's..you the best

  9. You look beautiful here, I love that shade of yellow/mustard on you!

    Maria xxx

  10. Thank you so much! Its actually my favorite color (as evidenced by my blog layout being plastered in it haha)

  11. I cannot imagine wearing tights in July. That is such a foreign concept. Although, any place that doesn't get above 80 sounds ideal right about now!

    (PS the tote is AMAZING, its absolutely massive and its on sale at the Stay Home Club site now!)

  12. such a pretty colour on you!

  13. this is totally perfect, and you match your blog lay out!

  14. Dying over those shoes! I've been looking for all black wedges for some time now! So glad I found your blog too!


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