22 July 2013

Daisies and cosmos

This past weekend Rich and I went out east to the North Fork of Long Island for a little getaway. Its been such a busy summer we've hardly spent any time together so left the city behind and made a plan to turn off our phones. That was nearly impossible for me though. I had no idea I was so addicted to I am to my phone and how at every unoccupied moment I mindlessly reach for it. Luckily I was able to disconnect long enough to have a wonderful time sans iPhone, but I think I need to impose a bit more phone-free time on myself in the future.
Aside from trying to break my bad phone habits, I started off the weekend of fun by doing one of my favorite things: dressing up for a date night with Rich. This was what I wore on Friday when we drove to Mattituck for dinner at Love Lane Kitchen. I wore a pretty top I bought in Paris at Maje for my 25th birthday covered in bright daisies and cosmos with a corduroy skirt that became hopelessly wrinkled in the heat.
Maje blouse
AA skirt
Saltwater sandals
Madewell sunglasses
vintage bag
H&M hat


  1. I love your blouse, it's beautiful! I feel the same way about my phone, I should try a no-phone weekend to try and break the habit.

  2. Getaways are the best!! You look so good in this outfit, I think I wanna take your pics when we meet, haha :)

  3. You look lovely here,that print is so cute on you!

    Maria xxx

  4. you look amazing :)

  5. I would love that!!!! I could take yours too if you wanted! That's what we bloggers do for fun :)

  6. You look amazing girl! :)


  7. I am upset because I somehow missed this post. That's such a good idea, turning off the phones for spending time together. Okay if Greg and I did that it would only apply to me, because his phone is essentially from the '90s and he can't even fit 50 texts on it, but yeah. You and Rich always do such fun things together, Greg and I need to sort our shit out! Also that shirt is AMAZE; of course you bought it in Paris. ;)

  8. Sort your shit out in the direction of NY. I am totes trying to go out west soon though to visit my family in Salt Lake!
    His phone sounds like my worst nightmare, and it was REALLY hard for me and my phone to be apart.


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