17 July 2013

Beer Hall Nights

My favorite place in all of Astoria is the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden. There's nothing I love more than spending time outside, without a yard its hard to manage. The Beer Hall is like being at a huge backyard party that starts early and goes all night.
These photos are practically ancient, dating all the way back to sometime in mid-June when a huge group of Rich's friends and a group of my lovely friends converged on Bohemian Hall to celebrate AJ's birthday.
Hi Rich! (In case you were wondering, my top is vintage and I paired it with high waisted American Apparel shorts)
Cheers guys!
With Taylor and Antoinette

Hanging under the umbrellas.
Happy (belated) birthday AJ!
The late crew: Taylor and Cassie
Singing (Robyn: "Call Your Girlfriend" and really loudly) while dancing
The night actually ended in a whole bunch of drunken drama, but it was loads of fun up to that point! If you're ever in Astoria the Beer Garden is not to be missed.


  1. Pretty sure this is my favorite summer drinking spot in the city. So many good memories. In fact, I'll be there Friday night while I'm in town! Having a reunion of all the friends.....if we can survive the humidity/thunderstorms that is.

  2. How long are you in town!? Would you want to meet up?

  3. Eloise Worrall-BaderJuly 18, 2013 at 7:36 AM

    Oh my goodness! This sounds so great, i'm insanely jealous that i don't have anything even close to this around!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  4. That looks like it was so much fun! I wish we had a place like that closer to where I live. Love your top :)

  5. So many people! Looks like fun!



    New Post!


  6. I can't tell you how many times I've drunkenly sung Call Your Girlfriend too loudly at a bar...

  7. Oh good, let's do that while you're in NY!

  8. these photos are so happy!:)


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