23 July 2013

wanting to kiss you? it's sort of always there like white noise, or the secret service or the threat of nuclear war, for that matter.

Sunday was one of those days where I went without makeup and let my hair do whatever it wanted and shoes weren't really necessary. Rich and I dipped our toes in the ice cold Long Island Sound, watched a bunny in the grass and were swarmed by white butterflies.
My outfit reminded me of Joey Potter from Dawson's Creek, so I gave you one of my favorite lines from the series as a post title. Oh Pacey, you know just what to say. Lately I've been loving that 90's tomboy look of messy hair and overalls. I picked these up from Heart City, Hannah had appropriately named them the "hot babysitter overalls." Perfect for Joey-like strolls along the water and kissing my boyfriend on the beach, cue the theme song.

Heart City Vintage "hot babysitter" overalls
American Apparel crop top

22 July 2013

Daisies and cosmos

This past weekend Rich and I went out east to the North Fork of Long Island for a little getaway. Its been such a busy summer we've hardly spent any time together so left the city behind and made a plan to turn off our phones. That was nearly impossible for me though. I had no idea I was so addicted to I am to my phone and how at every unoccupied moment I mindlessly reach for it. Luckily I was able to disconnect long enough to have a wonderful time sans iPhone, but I think I need to impose a bit more phone-free time on myself in the future.
Aside from trying to break my bad phone habits, I started off the weekend of fun by doing one of my favorite things: dressing up for a date night with Rich. This was what I wore on Friday when we drove to Mattituck for dinner at Love Lane Kitchen. I wore a pretty top I bought in Paris at Maje for my 25th birthday covered in bright daisies and cosmos with a corduroy skirt that became hopelessly wrinkled in the heat.
Maje blouse
AA skirt
Saltwater sandals
Madewell sunglasses
vintage bag
H&M hat

19 July 2013

Silver and White

This lovely heat wave has forced me to create a uniform of sorts; consisting of soft cotton dresses paired with cotton tote bags and flat sandals.Its hard to dress appropriately for work in any kind of extreme weather, although I've sort of given up on looking polished and professional and have settled for making it to the office without melting and calling it a victory.
Unfortunately the heatwave-uniform leaves very little room for accessories because its just too hot to pile anything else on. Luckily, iPhone's are a bit of an accessory in themselves because there is such a wide array of ways to personalize it. Recently I was contacted by Iconemesis to review one of their cases. You may remember that a few months ago I worked with them and was impressed with their working with independent artists and the array of designs offered. After using one of their cases for a few months I've found that these are easily the best cases I've got, even better than the expensive CaseMate one's. They are made of thin, light, durable plastic that doesn't add bulk to your phone and does an excellent job of protecting it. This one, designed by artist Sacha Kreeger made the perfect accessory for my hot weather uniform.

Dress: Levi's for Opening Ceremony via TJMaxx (similar here)
Madewell Hepcat Sunglasses
Uniqlo tote (similar here)
MaraisUSA Sandals
Phone case: Iconemesis

17 July 2013

Beer Hall Nights

My favorite place in all of Astoria is the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden. There's nothing I love more than spending time outside, without a yard its hard to manage. The Beer Hall is like being at a huge backyard party that starts early and goes all night.
These photos are practically ancient, dating all the way back to sometime in mid-June when a huge group of Rich's friends and a group of my lovely friends converged on Bohemian Hall to celebrate AJ's birthday.
Hi Rich! (In case you were wondering, my top is vintage and I paired it with high waisted American Apparel shorts)
Cheers guys!
With Taylor and Antoinette

Hanging under the umbrellas.
Happy (belated) birthday AJ!
The late crew: Taylor and Cassie
Singing (Robyn: "Call Your Girlfriend" and really loudly) while dancing
The night actually ended in a whole bunch of drunken drama, but it was loads of fun up to that point! If you're ever in Astoria the Beer Garden is not to be missed.

15 July 2013

Golden Haze

Summer is here to stay in all its hot, humid glory according to the mercury. Today came it at 101 degrees with a bright hazy sky. I kept cool in a golden summer sun dress with my favorite old sandals and an oversized cotton tote bag.
I'm still in catch up mode after a few hectic weeks of friends visiting, holidays, parties and a quick trip to North Carolina. I'd had a whole bunch of early summer ideas for things, but it seems that the summer is slipping past me and we're half way through July. Just make it slow down a little please! I need to soak up a little sun and not let it pass by too fast. What have you all been up to lately?

Free People dress (similar here)
Kork Ava Ease Sandals
H&M boater hat
Stay Home Club Symbols Tote
Madewell Hepcat Sunglasses
Casio watch (similar here)

08 July 2013

Rainbow Dust-NYC Color Run

On Saturday I went to Brooklyn for the Color Run 5K with some friends, take a look at the most fun run around. Even though it was about 100 degrees on the blacktop, we finished with flying colors (yep, I said it).
I met up with Courteney early in the morning and got ready to run.
My camera stayed with Rich while I was running, but here were are coming up to the finish line!
Courteney, Taylor and me at the finish
With the rest of the team having frozen yogurt pops.
Color toss, cotton candy clouds.
color run on Make A Gif

07 July 2013

Sunshine blossoms

Recently I've been picking up fresh flowers from the store or my mom's backyard and filling little vases and putting them around my little apartment. These little daisies were the perfect thing to make it feel like summer here in the city and I realized that I had a necklace that looked just like it too only with a little more sparkle.

06 July 2013

4th of July 2013

Independence Day, The Fourth of July; Its always been my favorite holiday. Its always the most quintessential summer day. Work is closed, picnics, water balloon fights, a long day in the sun that feels like it goes by in an instant. All topped off with a glowing sky filled with fireworks that reduces even the most jaded of adults to making childish sounds of wonder.
This year my friends and I gathered at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn for an all day picnic. We carried everything we needed from Reg's apartment nearby and found a nice shaded spot to call our own.
Sam and Remi brought patriotic brews.
I brought my brand new hula hoop Rich's sister made for me in blue and gold.
Sam, Remi, Kim and Rich.
Remi was showing off
This photo came from Lynn's camera when we all needed some sleep.
The sun started to set and it was almost time for fireworks.
But Reg was asleep in his apartment and we were locked out on his stoop! His neighbors threatened to call the police on us but we finally got into the building and were able to wake him up. In the meantime, I took a class picture.
A little late, but we made it to the rooftop in Chelsea to see the show.
All together again (these are actually my oldest friends from high school)! Reg still looks half asleep though.
Purple sky.
Where the real fireworks are ;)

05 July 2013


Of the things I've read about fashion bloggers one that really resonates with me is that sometimes it seems as though we are simply playing dress-up for a few moments and then go and put on our real clothes. Personally, I wear every single thing that appears here because if I had the time for that I'd definitely post more often (let me say, I'm sorry I've been so absent lately). Here is a pretty good example of how I look at the end of a long day when I might not normally want to photograph and share how I looked. I'm a crinkly-wrinkly mess, standing in the rain looking tired but it is what it is. Oh, and I was feeling super excited about the Fourth of July so it was a week for breaking out all my favorites in red, white and blue!

Promod denim dress (via Manila)
Target tee shirt circa 2009
Bloch ballet flats
vintage purse (similar here)
Nixon watch

02 July 2013

You belong in the city, I’m wrong for the city, switch on a sad song when I’m gone

Last Friday night Juli came to New York for a visit and we drank wine outside under an awning in the rain and talked about growing up and where we were eight years ago when we met at college. Its strange to think it was so long ago, because it feels like I can reach into my mind and pick out a memory like it happened yesterday.
The rain stopped, the sun set, and we went to Manhattan where Courteney was having a rooftop party. She's leaving for Massachusetts at the end of the summer and we were celebrating her last week in this apartment. Here's Mike visiting from Florida with his friend who's name I can't remember.
The night wore on and the roof got quiet so we moved most of the party to a bar filled with music and dancing crowds but also managed to get an almost-everyone picture.
Hey there!
The last picture of the night, just a dancing blur. After this there was a long walk to a diner for late night french fries and stayed out until the early morning.
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