03 June 2013


A little update from my life which has been super fun but also busy. All of the pictures are from my phone which has become my primary camera because its so small and easy to carry, and a few even made it to Instagram (@kallieish)
A night at the Rodeo (Bar) for Joe's birthday, and also, Pin-up-Party.
Central park strolls and NYC streets in some of moodiest weather I've ever experienced, we cycled through all four seasons these past few weeks
Adult Swim network party at Roseland Ballroom where Kanye West performed and ranted. It wasn't really my scene but hanging out with the ladies I work with was.
Splurging on a much needed weekend bag for all my upcoming travels.

Brimfield, where I managed to take only one picture while I was there.
Homecooked meals and pretty ciders.
Its finally bike riding weather.


  1. Love the Kate Spade Saturday bag! It's so cute!

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  2. This looks lovely, I am really enjoying the sunshine recently!

    Maria xxx

  3. beautiful instagram photos! :D

  4. Love it all! Super jealous of that pin up party!!

  5. Kind of funny but we didn't know they'd be there and we were sitting at the table they reserved (or thought they had) and the girls were insanely rude to us. They were talking really loud about how they were waiting for us to leave (meanwhile, this is someones birthday party and we didnt know they'd be there and the restaurant obv didn't plan ahead) and then they started just putting their stuff down at our table. I felt really awkward bc on one hand I wanted to enjoy myself and on the other I had these super dolled up girls giving me bitch face and looking murderous.


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