12 June 2013

Living for the weekend

Its sad but true. All week I count down, make plans, daydream, all about the weekends. That hopeful anticipation starts to build on about Wednesday and goes straight through until Friday afternoon. I don't even mind getting up early on a Saturday or Sunday if it means more time spent outside in the sun and not at a computer screen. These past few weekends have been perfect, filled with beach days with girlfriends, sunset drives with the top down on Rich's truck, big breakfasts and bbq'd dinners. With friends coming in to NY, 5K's, parties, bar nights and beer garden afternoons planned, I just can't think straight at work I'm so excited.
Anyways its been nothing but shorts and sneakers for me recently. Here's how I looked last Sunday when I went to Long Island for the day to go to the beach and have dinner with my mom. Remember this little corner of wooded beauty in my mom's backyard? I haven't taken a picture back here in over a year!
Playsuit: Vintage
Sweater: Free People
Sneakers: Vans Classics
Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken


  1. Love the shorts, love the weekends, super cute :)

  2. Your shorts (playsuit? wow) are just perfect for summer. Loving the Vans too! Your weekends sound blissful.

  3. lovely look :D

  4. fashionablecollectionsJune 13, 2013 at 9:04 AM

    love this such a cute outfit.

  5. I love those shorts! x

  6. such a cutie! I can't believe we haven't met up yet! come to uuttaaahhh this summer and roadtrip with me, ok?

  7. In all seriousness I have family that recently moved to Utah and its at the top of my travel wishlist. DONT TEMPT ME! Hahaha I am saving my vacay days for a western trip in the fall when my bf can take time (summer is when he's busiest).

    When you get back to NY lets PLEASE meet up for tea and a stroll in Central Park!

  8. Printed high-waisted shorts and playsuits are two of my favorite things to wear during the summer, so I love your outfit! You also always manage to look effortless (a word that's probably overused online, but I can't think of a better one), which is something I always strive for.

  9. Such a gorgeous outfit, I love the shorts and shoes combo :)

    Maria xxx

  10. Sounds like you're bringing Summer in right! Those shorts are darling.

  11. Your summer sounds like a lot of fun! I've been so boring lately.
    I'm loving your classic Vans paired with the cute floral romper. This whole outfit is adorable.

  12. I soooo know how you feel, weekends are THE BEST and should be at least one day longer. You look absolutely adorable, and love the throwback to this place!

  13. Hanna - Tant RuthJuly 18, 2013 at 2:21 AM

    That's such a cute outfit! love it :) And is that backpack a "kånken" or "Fjällräven"? :)

    with love, Hanna



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