01 May 2013

Up A Mountain

Last Saturday I climbed a mountain trail north of New York City to the top of Anthony's Nose with some of my favorite people. We didn't know exactly how hard it would be and we didn't bring enough water, but we went to the top and all the way back down again.
Rich drove us to the Bronx to pick up Joe and some sandwiches
Hey Joe!
From there we headed north along the Hudson River to Peekskill
Joe and LK
The blue markers keeping us from getting hopelessly lost
Taking a break in a surrounded by pretty pines and spring blossoms
Eventually we were high enough that we were at eye level with soaring hawks in the sky
Getting closer to the top
At the top

Heading back down
So 6 and a half hours after we started we arrived back at the car, and it wouldn't start. We were out of water with no where or way to go. Calls were made, we got water and found beers and it was a bit like camping to be sitting outside listening to the night sounds with a warm beer and tired legs. Rich worked on the car until the daylight ran out but eventually, a friend of Joe's came to rescue us and bring us to a train back to the city.
Properly hydrating

It took about 3 more hours to get home, but I think the day was still perfect.


  1. This looks amazing, such a beautiful view from the top!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love hiking (being a hasher)... great trail!

  3. such a beautiful view from the top!

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