08 May 2013

Things to love

Tiny stacks of delicate, subtle golden rings with pearls, turquoise and small precious stones
Shorts and sweaters. Is there any better combination? Its probably because it can only comfortably be pulled off when the weather is perfect.
Skipping haircuts, longer locks.
From Pinterest


  1. So much pretty inspiration. I want all those rings and jerseys. AND big hair.

  2. I just want some cute patterned shorts like that! That would fit my waist and thighs at the same time. SHOCKER.

  3. Me too. *le sigh* I just shop petites and get everything tailored nowadays.

  4. That should be my summer motto, rings and big hair.

  5. I love sweaters and shorts! I used to think they looked silly together, but that was in, like, high school and my style was questionable, haha.

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  6. I thought I was the COOLEST because I wore my belt buckle pulled all the way over to one side in HS.
    We should do posts on our most questionable HS fashion haha


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