13 May 2013

Spring coat

Here is how I looked today for work and a walk in Central Park. This weekend I majorly splurged on this jacket and new pants so I had to wear them today. After weeks and weeks of scouring the Internet for the perfect spring jacket in navy blue with no luck I found this at the outlet mall. I'm in love with my jacket and I never want to take it off because its so soft and the prettiest navy blue.
Jacket Coach outlet
vintage purse
vintage sweater
Olivia Mew scarf
J Crew pants
Steve Madden shoes


  1. such pretty colours!

  2. A truly very gorgeous outfit! I love your shoes!!!!

  3. Those shoes. Gimme!
    The navy suits you! :)

  4. Nicole - Coco MariaMay 14, 2013 at 7:40 PM

    Loooove this. That jacket is the bomb.

  5. I splurged on a really expensive jacket haha!

  6. Even if it doesn't really feel like spring yet, gotta get those spring colors in

  7. Thank you so much, thats so nice of you to say. I've had terrible luck buying online recently, everything is wonky so I know what you mean about looking dumpy in off sizes. I just waited until I had a day to go to an actual store and try some things on, its the only way to do it. It does get chilly in the winter in FL doesn't it?

  8. Be it in trousers or skirts, you're massively stylish girl! I want to steal your closet!
    I want a new spring jacket too, but I already have quite a lot and don't have space in my closet, so can't justify buying more...

  9. I love your outfit, adding the scarf just makes a sweater and pants outfit so much cuter :)

  10. Aw thank you! I think you are incredibly stylish too!! I had to get it after the sleeve of my trench started ripping off haha. I just want ALL the spring coats!

  11. Great find on the jacket. I love your outfit. Definitely very spring-y!

  12. I love your outfit... Your blog always inspires me :)


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