09 May 2013


I've ruined so many pairs of shoes walking to and from work through New York City these past few years. Recently I've become that girl that changes shoes once I get to the office. I realized that what you would see me looking like on the street is very different from how I look most of the day. Inside, lady-like, professional with a nod to a sleek mod look. Outside, utilitarian and relaxed with a 1990's vibe.

I've also been working on my little gold ring collection. The star and moon were birthday presents from Rich, the hammered gold one was from LK and the heart was from my mom that she bought for me when I was about 5.
Doc martens
Selby vintage pumps
H&M pants
Kate Spade NY sweater
AA fisherman sweater
H&M trench
vintage leather backpack


  1. I love everything about this. You look SO COOL in both looks. Your vintage flats are amazing. Also YOUR BACKPACK. *drooling everywah*

  2. Absolutely lovely look! I WANT your Docs! Go gorgeous.

  3. perfect look :D

  4. Looks so lovely! The trench coat is great on you. And the red shirt is such a fun surprise underneath :)

    P.S. Come on over to my blog Take only Memories to win an iPad Mini! Good luck :) xx

  5. Your rings are so precious!

  6. Thanks lady! The backpack was like the luckiest hand me down ever.

  7. love this post so much and can definitely relate to your efforts in switching from more comfortable "outside" wear and feminine "inside" wear. It's about practicality and comfort, but also about a bit of a defensive shell to me. I like looking a bit tougher when I'm on the street.


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