14 May 2013

Burgundy and blue

For some strange reason this color combo makes me think of Anne of Green Gables. Does anyone have an idea as to why? I thought maybe it was one of her costumes so I looked it up, but couldn't find anything.
Anyway, here's what I wore today for work. My skirt is probably too short but I don't really care.

American Apparel sweater
Madewell blouse
BDG skirt
Topshop shoes
Coach jacket
vintage backpack
Casio watch


  1. How do you make shorts and a sweater so chic!


  2. Kinga Sarolta KavasiMay 15, 2013 at 6:28 AM

    great colors, dear! :)


  3. You look lovely. Love the oldschool watch!

  4. Maybe it's the gingham that's bringing up Anne? Either way, looks good on you.

  5. Mayyyyybe! I dunno, its definitely the burgundy. Maybe she had a skirt that color? I need to re-watch. And maybe not write posts when I'm half asleep haha

  6. OMG SO CUUUUUUUTE! Girl those shoes are all kinds of badass. I'm loving the color combo. I don't know why it makes you think of Anne of Green Gables, but hey, I can get behind that.

  7. I lover the burgundy with the checks, I would never have thought to put those two together :)

    Maria xxx

  8. amazing outfit! especially love your shoes <3


  9. You look absolutely gorgeous! This outfit, especially those colours, really suit you! Beautiful lady!

  10. I don't know why you think the color combo looks like Anne of Green Gables, but she is awesome so it works!

  11. I love your jacket and that sweater looks majorly cozy!

  12. I love your coat and this outfit is great for this weather. Your hair is beautiful, I really want to brave chopping off my length for something like this xox

  13. Thanks! If you are worried about cutting your hair short, you should do it gradually. I've had short hair for a few years but before that it was down to my elbows and I would go in every few months and get it shorter every time. Its not so scary that way and you can get used to it. This is quite long for me though!

  14. I love this outfit, you look fantastic. That skirt is lovely, and the colour scheme is beautiful xo

  15. Kallie you are soo0o0o0o0o0 gorgeous! I was looking at this interview between Anahaeed Alani and Tavi Gevinson for Rookie's birthday party and spotted you! https://vimeo.com/50658966

  16. GWAH! Why is it that you always look perfect and amazing? I am not jealous at all. Nope.

  17. love these colours! and that corduroy..mmmmm.

  18. I love your outfit……!!!!! so stylish…..love the sheer tights (pantyhose) especially, with the classy skirt and the great top and smart jacket
    Love your look…… My favorite books growing up as a boy were the Ann of Avonlea series..... and Little Women...go figure....
    You’re so chic! So pretty…and you have such a great sense of style.
    I adore your hair that way too…I’ve always worn my hair long… it's hard for me to even imagine cutting it
    You match perfectly…everything you wear…… you certainly make a super statement…..

    I grew up in tights, being in ballet for 13 years. In fact, mom raised me rather androgynously, so I also wore tights under big sweaters and hip length tunics and such around the house growing up. Your lovely look reminds me of all those days….epsecially when the delivery man would come and I’d meet him at the door and he’s refer to me as Miss……
    Oh, by the way, I’m a guy…and I love fashion as much as I love dance.
    I traveled in Europe this past fall,
    It looks like you have the same affinity for tights as I have…..

    I’ve been raving to my new friends about how much I love the tights/shorts look, so they encouraged me to try it myself…
    and I have in a big way,….. denim cutoffs, high waisted shorts, even a romper…….
    I will following your blog religiously….. thanks for sharing your lovely taste and your beauty


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