22 May 2013

Brimfield, MA

Last Saturday my mom and I woke up before dawn and drove up to Brimfield, MA for the antique show. Neither of us had ever been before and were very curious to see what all the hype is about. It was amazing, there were so many things to look at for miles and miles. I only bought one pretty lace blouse that I plan to wear soon, but I had a great time. My only disappointment was that the clothes were a little too expensive for me, but it was still fun to try things on and peek at fashions of the past. I even ran into Ashley!
Since we planned to make the 3 hour drive there and back in one day I was pretty tired, in fact I was so tired that I meant to put on my makeup in the car when we arrived and completely forgot. Then after inhaling the most amazing apple cider doughnut around 1PM I decided I was shopped out.
We took advantage of the beautiful half of the day by spending a few hours walking around Old Sturbridge Village. The air smelled like lilacs and it was the most peaceful, beautiful place. I'm so happy we made the stop before heading back to New York.
Here is how I looked for a day of antiquing and visiting a restoration village. Oh, and about my hair...I'm a bit of a dip and last summer when I dyed it black I accidentally used permanent hairdye. After almost a year of touching up the roots I just got lazy. C'est la vie. After looking at these pictures I think I need to take care of that, hahaha I'm actually laughing at how weird it looks.

vintage levi's cut-offs
converse all stars
antique Victorian pendant
American Apparel sweater
thrifted Coach purse


  1. Hi Kallie your trip must have been beautiful even the flowers are beautiful and gorgeous your outfit too

    hugs rose jp

  2. I'm actually digging the dip-dyed looking hair. :) (if you hadn't said anything that's what i totally would have thought it was, LOL)

  3. Love these photos! I've never been either and would be interested in seeing whatthe hype is about as well, lol!

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  4. You're doing those shorts a favor. haha ;) Love you without make up and weird hair. You're working it all. I hate when I get really excited for something and then get there and realize I can't afford any of it. haha


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