29 May 2013

Wednesday Inspiration

So its officially the "summer season" here in the States, once Memorial Day passes its socially acceptable to wear white and the beaches charge an entry fee. Here's what's been catching my eye for these early days of summer.
Short skirts, polka dots and denim.

Spring Fever, Style File
Delicate, simple earrings and multiple piercings.

23 May 2013

Springtime Monochrome

In anticipation of a chilly holiday weekend that usually signals the start of summer I've had to experiment with layers and color to feel summery while keeping warm. I love how blue makes white look crisp and clean and is far less dramatic than black. In my favorite summer dress and shoes with a sweater, denim jacket and socks to keep the chill off I'm ready for just about anything this weekend.
Opening Ceremony dress (bought at TJMaxx)
Free People sweater (bought at TJMaxx)
No. 6 clogs
vintage purse

22 May 2013

Brimfield, MA

Last Saturday my mom and I woke up before dawn and drove up to Brimfield, MA for the antique show. Neither of us had ever been before and were very curious to see what all the hype is about. It was amazing, there were so many things to look at for miles and miles. I only bought one pretty lace blouse that I plan to wear soon, but I had a great time. My only disappointment was that the clothes were a little too expensive for me, but it was still fun to try things on and peek at fashions of the past. I even ran into Ashley!
Since we planned to make the 3 hour drive there and back in one day I was pretty tired, in fact I was so tired that I meant to put on my makeup in the car when we arrived and completely forgot. Then after inhaling the most amazing apple cider doughnut around 1PM I decided I was shopped out.
We took advantage of the beautiful half of the day by spending a few hours walking around Old Sturbridge Village. The air smelled like lilacs and it was the most peaceful, beautiful place. I'm so happy we made the stop before heading back to New York.
Here is how I looked for a day of antiquing and visiting a restoration village. Oh, and about my hair...I'm a bit of a dip and last summer when I dyed it black I accidentally used permanent hairdye. After almost a year of touching up the roots I just got lazy. C'est la vie. After looking at these pictures I think I need to take care of that, hahaha I'm actually laughing at how weird it looks.

vintage levi's cut-offs
converse all stars
antique Victorian pendant
American Apparel sweater
thrifted Coach purse

14 May 2013

Burgundy and blue

For some strange reason this color combo makes me think of Anne of Green Gables. Does anyone have an idea as to why? I thought maybe it was one of her costumes so I looked it up, but couldn't find anything.
Anyway, here's what I wore today for work. My skirt is probably too short but I don't really care.

American Apparel sweater
Madewell blouse
BDG skirt
Topshop shoes
Coach jacket
vintage backpack
Casio watch

13 May 2013

Spring coat

Here is how I looked today for work and a walk in Central Park. This weekend I majorly splurged on this jacket and new pants so I had to wear them today. After weeks and weeks of scouring the Internet for the perfect spring jacket in navy blue with no luck I found this at the outlet mall. I'm in love with my jacket and I never want to take it off because its so soft and the prettiest navy blue.
Jacket Coach outlet
vintage purse
vintage sweater
Olivia Mew scarf
J Crew pants
Steve Madden shoes

10 May 2013

Regarder le soleil, n'y regarder le ciel, droit dans les yeux

Life can be too crazy to blog sometimes as I'm sure you know, but here I'll fill you in on some fun things that have been happening and I captured with my phone.
Last Thursday night CNN en Espanol had a huge party on the rooftop of Ink 48. The group I work with and I got dressed up and drank Prosecco while the sun went down.
There was also Meghan's birthday, Cinqo de Meghan with pastry tacos with cookie shells and candy filling. There was even green coconut "lettuce." Mega-creative.

I wasn't feeling well but Rich knew I needed to get out of the house so we went to a car show to see some classic cars and get some sun.
*Title is lyrics from Flamme à Lunettes by Dionysos w/ Olivia Ruiz Zenith

09 May 2013


I've ruined so many pairs of shoes walking to and from work through New York City these past few years. Recently I've become that girl that changes shoes once I get to the office. I realized that what you would see me looking like on the street is very different from how I look most of the day. Inside, lady-like, professional with a nod to a sleek mod look. Outside, utilitarian and relaxed with a 1990's vibe.

I've also been working on my little gold ring collection. The star and moon were birthday presents from Rich, the hammered gold one was from LK and the heart was from my mom that she bought for me when I was about 5.
Doc martens
Selby vintage pumps
H&M pants
Kate Spade NY sweater
AA fisherman sweater
H&M trench
vintage leather backpack

08 May 2013

Things to love

Tiny stacks of delicate, subtle golden rings with pearls, turquoise and small precious stones
Shorts and sweaters. Is there any better combination? Its probably because it can only comfortably be pulled off when the weather is perfect.
Skipping haircuts, longer locks.
From Pinterest

07 May 2013

Tiffany Blue

I was agonizing in front of my closet this morning when I looked up and caught a glimpse of a pretty robin's egg blue, like a little Tiffany's box up on the highest shelf. I've had this little vintage sweater for years, but don't wear it nearly enough. I'm such a sucker for a short sleeved sweater, especially one with ribbon details.

Oh! And I wore this pretty lip pencil from Nars, I got it for free from Sephora which is pretty rad. Its called New Lover and is like summery shimmery pink.
vintage sweater
AA skirt
Nars lip pencil: new lover

Westward Daydreaming

Things will be back in full swing soon. Lately I've been daydreaming of sunshine and desert flowers. I went to Arizona when I was 18 and drove from one end of the state at the Mexican border up to the Grand Canyon and Nevada and have never been able to get it out of my head. The beauty of the White Mountains covered in spring flowers, the towering cactus and the brilliant sun. Back then I didn't have a camera, just what I could carry with me in heart and mind back home. Lately everywhere I look I see pictures of the Southwest, reminding me of those things. I think you know what my next adventure will be now, hopefully sometime this year I'll go west again (and this time with a camera).

01 May 2013

Up A Mountain

Last Saturday I climbed a mountain trail north of New York City to the top of Anthony's Nose with some of my favorite people. We didn't know exactly how hard it would be and we didn't bring enough water, but we went to the top and all the way back down again.
Rich drove us to the Bronx to pick up Joe and some sandwiches
Hey Joe!
From there we headed north along the Hudson River to Peekskill
Joe and LK
The blue markers keeping us from getting hopelessly lost
Taking a break in a surrounded by pretty pines and spring blossoms
Eventually we were high enough that we were at eye level with soaring hawks in the sky
Getting closer to the top
At the top

Heading back down
So 6 and a half hours after we started we arrived back at the car, and it wouldn't start. We were out of water with no where or way to go. Calls were made, we got water and found beers and it was a bit like camping to be sitting outside listening to the night sounds with a warm beer and tired legs. Rich worked on the car until the daylight ran out but eventually, a friend of Joe's came to rescue us and bring us to a train back to the city.
Properly hydrating

It took about 3 more hours to get home, but I think the day was still perfect.
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