14 April 2013

Saturday Lights

Saturday night there were two birthday parties at the $3 Tavern. Out on a still-cold spring night I noticed all the different lights.
Rich and I got ready with cheap wine and silly faces.
There are flowers on the trees and people firing up their grills outside. It was freezing though and my winter coat had to come back out.
Trees covered in blossoms lit up with fairy lights near Park Ave.
At the $3 Tavern.
The bar is like a carnival fun house inside with different rooms on different levels, mirrors, games, drinks and a a patio. Heres a peek at the air-hockey.
Outside there is a boxing game that some guys were trying, its crazy how everyone gets really into it and yells and cheers for them. The record for the hardest hit was a professional female boxer who hit 912, none of the biggest guys could get it.
When we left we took a cab, which is always a treat because I get to see the city lights.

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