02 April 2013

Phone photos of March

In March my camera went into semi-hibernation because my birthday month usually puts me off a little, maybe because its my birthday or because its the dreary ass-end of winter. It was also a very busy time with happy hours, parties and a trip to Mexico. At some point I let work get the best of me and I came home and went straight to sleep more than a few nights. Here's what it looked like through the lens of my phone.
I celebrated my birthday a bit early with my mom, she bought me beautiful perfume that I'd been wishing for. She also got me a blue tooth with instructions to call her more
Vacation to Mexico with Rich for 5 perfect days where I napped in the sun and turned 26
My beautiful birthday present from Rich was a Catbird ring (not pictured is the matching one with a star)
A dose of the real world: Back to work post-paradise and a weekend spent helping Rich move out of his apartment
My 26th birthday party, all the best people came to Otto's Shrunken Head and I drank radioactive rum drinks and got too caught up and forgot to dance even though it was Rebel Night.
March Madness Happy Hour with Court even though neither of us cares about college basketball. We do like drink specials though.
Non Stop to Cairo had a party for their music video, LK and I dressed as ghosts and hung around with Dave
I finally saw Sigur Ros
Rich and I had a really nice Saturday drinking beer, looking at weird buildings and I bought some new shoes. OH! And Rich had a brush with greatness when Joseph Gordon-Levitt walked very closely past him on the sidewalk


  1. So I was reading this but now pretty much the only thing I can take away from it is JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT WHAAAAAT!

  2. What a good month!! Sigur Ros is also coming to Istanbul in this summer, I really look forward!
    And your part athmosphere with friends is so amazing :)

  3. LOVE that catbird ring! So jealous. I need to take my man there and show him some of the things I "need" hehe ;)

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  4. did your mom actually buy you a BLUE TOOTH? :D hahaha and gosh why no pictures of JGL??

  5. seriously who wouldn't. I would be SO mad at my boyfriend for not telling me so I could run after Joseph and cling to his leg until he takes me home and makes me his wife.

  6. Happy belated birthday! I love
    how the gifts are wrapped up
    in 'kraft' paper c: Looks like
    you had a great birthday!


  7. Looks like you had a pretty good month - spending a birthday on a beach in Mexico sounds pretty good to me. Also, sweet new shoes!

  8. looks like you have been super busy :) and happy belated birthday the ring sounds wonderful and i am a little jelous of you seeing Sigur Ros <3

  9. HA! oh my gosh that strawberry picture is TOO CUTE. <3 it:)

  10. I was soooo far away, but it was incredible. I blew my concert budget for the next 6 months on it, but it was well worth it.

  11. Lovin' these very real-life snaps. Also the photo with you and the strawberry made me laugh. :) JEALOUS of your dr. martens!

    xxooo E

  12. Lovely pictures, it looks like you had a great time. I am bit jealous about that Mexico trip, but in a good way ;)


  13. woah -- claim to fame! i love JGL!


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