14 March 2013

Tulum day 2

Our first night in Tulum was quiet, and as I would find out, quite normal. We took our first nighttime stroll down the dark road to Villa las Estrellas for fish, guac and beers. There was hardly anyone else there the whole week, but the first night it was disconcerting to be at one of only two tables at a restaurant at dinnertime. Rich and I were both passed out cold by about 8:30pm which is quite easy to do in Tulum.
We woke up in time to see the sun come up from our porch.

After breakfast we changed for our first full day of relaxing and swimming.

There's Rich, out for a swim. I stayed on the beach with book for the most part.
At some point we managed to make it into town for tacos, big bottles of water and paletas but all those pictures are on my phone though (I was very disorganized about taking pictures, but hey, it was vacation).
When we came back to the beach in the evening I put my toes in the water.

At Happy Hour we started walking down the beach and made a quick stop at Playa Azul. The drinks weren't good at all, but it was a cute place.

Moving along we got the best margaritas of the whole trip here at Kin-Ha, which we thought was a different place entirely until we asked for directions to Kin-Ha and the waiter looked at us like we were insane.
Beach bum
Margaritas followed by a huge shrimp dinner and more margaritas.
After dinner the walk back to our hotel along the beach was beautiful under the jet black sky filled with one million stars. At this point we realized it was no good fighting it, once the sun goes down in Tulum its time to sleep: our second night we stayed awake until 8:30pm.


  1. It looks amazing

  2. The day of too many Margaritas, just the holiday doctor recommends. Great photos. The Chairs at Playa Azul look so pretty!

  3. Looks like paradise. I'm crazy about all the shades of blue in that beach photo.

  4. I couldn't stop staring at it. We kept waiting for it to be fake or something.

  5. You and all your jet setting. I can't stop looking at all these beautiful photos! Lucky girl. :)

  6. the photos are amazing!

  7. Ahhh, this looks so nice. I'm longing for a tropical escape these days. I want to go somewhere with a swim up bar that will serve me a really stiff rum drink!

  8. You guys look so happy and relaxed. What an awesome trip.

  9. Looks like so much fun! Love that white dress.

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com


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