30 March 2013

Friday pups

I'm not really a dog person because I was too young to ever remember my family's dog and I haven't spent much time with them. I'm firmly in the cat-camp. However, I am not impervious to the cuteness of pooches. Last night we went over to James and Mallory's for dinner and beers and got to meet their puppy, Biscuit. She is adorable! I think I could be swayed into being a dog person by this little sausage.
Mallory working her kitchen magic
Simmer tomatoes, cheese and spaghetti...mmmmm
James and Rich
Distracted by a carrot, Biscuit held still long enough for me to get her picture. Look at that face
Hugs from Rich
Its exhausting being the cutest puppy ever


  1. Oh gosh, Biscuit is adorable! I must say I was a dog person and could not stand cats, until my sister got one and fell in love with him. Now I just cannot choose and am both a dog and cat person ;)

  2. seems like you had a great time! lovely photos :)

  3. So cute i remember when mine was a puppy. Trust me they don't stay that way for long :)

  4. Biscuit is ultralovely!!! I love dogs - loyal, cute, loving.


  5. Gotta love a cute puppy.

  6. i'm 100% cat lady too but zomg PUPPPYYYY

  7. She is freaking adorable!! What a cutie xo


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