09 March 2013

February Instagram

Here are a few pictures of my February through Instagram. Not too much to share, it was a short month and mostly I just took pictures of my trip to Iceland.

Got a haircut that reminded me of Posh Spice and found a sued 70's coat in my mom's basement
I visited Rich out east, saw little bunnies, helped Animal drive and went to work another day


  1. damianne_langedijkMarch 10, 2013 at 7:52 AM

    lovely photo's. your haircut is nice!

  2. love your sleek haircut. I was always posh spice when we "did" the spice girls in school because I had her haircut, but I wanted to be Ginger :(

  3. I always had to be sporty but wanted to be baby. Isn't it so weird that we wanted to be someone else?

  4. more importantly, who would you want to be now? :-D I still want to be Ginger!

  5. Its funny that even in pretending we couldn't pretend to be who we wanted. Good point about choosing, no one would have given me a say. I still would want to be Baby!!! Some things never change.


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