19 March 2013

Birthday in Tulum

On March 8th it was my 26th birthday and I got to celebrate it in paradise. The reason for this trip was to spend my day soaking up sunshine and swimming in warm water with the person I love most. I spent the whole morning doing just that.
In the afternoon we went into town again and this time I brought my camera. We visited the shops and we picked up some souvenirs

And to Flor de Michoacan for paletas
We sat in the pretty shaded garden in the back
Mango chili and kiwi
No makeup, a little sunburn and a fantastic paleta
When we were showered and changed for dinner we headed out down the road through the jungle
We went to dinner at the highly recommended, Hartwood restaurant owned and run by some transplanted Brooklynites. You have to get there almost at 6 on the dot when they open in order to get a table because its that popular

We sat near the kitchen where I had a great view of the behind-the-scenes action
Coincidentally there was a drink called the "Sweet 26" on the menu, since it was my first day being 26 I had to have it
Not photographed was our Mahi Mahi dip and my perfect steak and sweet potato dinner. Rich ordered a fried octopus and I pointed out that it looked like Ursula the Seawitch.
Corn ice cream with a birthday candle on top to end the evening
It was a spectacular birthday, especially combined with my much more recent birthday party last Friday night. I have a feeling 26 is going to treat me well.


  1. The pictures are so fresh, and it must be a remarkable birthday you have!

  2. I love following all your travels - these pictures are absolutely amazing. It must have truly been a wonderful birthday.

    xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

  3. Seriously. Best birthday ever. And I'm kind of surprised that you didn't get super sick while in Mexico? One of my best friends went to Mexico with her husband on their honeymoon, and they BOTH got super sick and spent most of the time on the toilet. I'm avoiding Mexico for the most part (ew Mexican food), but your trip is kind of making me want to change my mind...

  4. I know you hate Mexican food, but this is not "Tex Mex." I feel like all I ate was really nicely grilled fish or shrimp with lime in various dishes/tacos and grilled steaks. Also, the fruits and veggies are amazing. I came back a little thinner and my skin looked amazing from eating all organic/no carbs for a week (except beer, shit I drank a LOT of beer. Oh and rum. Fun story: I woke up depressed on my birthday and immediately made Rich make us some rum and coke. I stole his and double fisted two rum cocktails before breakfast which is the real reason there are no morning pictures from my bday).
    On getting sick:The entire time you are there you have to drink and brush your teeth with bottled water. At first I questioned the source of the ice in drinks, but when we didn't get sick we figured it was totally fine. I'm going to write a Tulum guide and I'll be adding that you'll need/want a 5 liter bottle of drinking per day for 2 people to share that you can pick up at a store in town and use to fill a refillable bottle or something.
    The only time either of us got a little ill was our last night and we suspect that the pulped fruit in the cocktails was shady or the ice was gross. But we both only had a mild stomach ache and that was it.

    Longest comment ever?

  5. Steak sounds good! I can't eat seafood though, I am the worst. But you're probably right about it being like a billion times better than American Mexican food. ;) Your skin does look amazing in the photo, though, I'm super jealous. Mostly I'm just trying to convince myself not to run away to Mexico because your trip looks like it was so magical. And I love that your answer to feeling depressed on your birthday morning is to chug rum & cokes; so good. XD

  6. Oh and my friends are convinced that they got sick from the condensation on beer bottles they drank from on their first night there, as they were suuuper careful about drinking only bottled water! So I now have this idea that if you inhale, like, humid air in Mexico you will simply die.

  7. Where were they in Mexico? Condensation is literally, air. Could it have been the ice in their drinks or maybe food poisoning? I've been to Mexico twice and never had a problem. That suuuuucks.

  8. Rum and cokes to the rescue! It wasn't "Mexican-y" is really the only way I can put it. Also, the trip was really inexpensive which is how it was even possible.

    You should go if/when you can.

  9. Thanks! :)

    Ok so I'm gonna be creepy but, YAY QUEENS! Its the best place in NYC :)

  10. lol - not that creepy! It's totally in my side bar info, so no worries. Yes, I definitely love living out in Queens. It's so much quieter than the city (even though we live on a main Avenue).

    We must do a blogger brunch some time out here - my favorite spot is on Austin Street. AMAZING specials.

  11. What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Happy belated. :-)

  12. Sweet Harvest MoonMarch 22, 2013 at 6:38 AM

    Happy birthday! Looks wonderful!


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