28 March 2013

2 Things Thursday

I've had a really busy few weeks, but things are starting to calm down. I was in Mexico, then it was my birthday party, Rich moved out of his apartment, happy hour's and parties. Plus its that time of year at work where people start to go a little mental and the days are long.
Here are 4 things that I like this week:
1. Kate Spade Saturday. Everything is clean lines and fresh colors, smart patterns and yellow everything. There's a refreshing lack of pastels, though I may just have blinders on (its rare that I like something in cloying baby tones).
2. Plaid Dragon. Super pretty pop songs to listen to while I wait for spring.


  1. I love the striped top, it's perfect. Such a good boatneck. I don't know Plaid Dragons but I'm listening to this now, love it.



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