30 March 2013

Friday pups

I'm not really a dog person because I was too young to ever remember my family's dog and I haven't spent much time with them. I'm firmly in the cat-camp. However, I am not impervious to the cuteness of pooches. Last night we went over to James and Mallory's for dinner and beers and got to meet their puppy, Biscuit. She is adorable! I think I could be swayed into being a dog person by this little sausage.
Mallory working her kitchen magic
Simmer tomatoes, cheese and spaghetti...mmmmm
James and Rich
Distracted by a carrot, Biscuit held still long enough for me to get her picture. Look at that face
Hugs from Rich
Its exhausting being the cutest puppy ever

29 March 2013

The Perfect Combination

My post title has nothing to do with my outfit, although it is the perfect combination for the actual perfect combination. I'm talking about no-jackets, sunshine and day drinking. If you're me that combo also includes my handsome boyfriend/photographer. He had the day off and I only had a half day so we took a walk for some fancy coffee and ended up sampling some Belgian gueuze (weird sour beer).
Happy weekending!

Madewell blouse
Topshop sweater
J Brand cords (via Century 21)
Steve Madden booties
Clare Vivier messenger bag

28 March 2013

2 Things Thursday

I've had a really busy few weeks, but things are starting to calm down. I was in Mexico, then it was my birthday party, Rich moved out of his apartment, happy hour's and parties. Plus its that time of year at work where people start to go a little mental and the days are long.
Here are 4 things that I like this week:
1. Kate Spade Saturday. Everything is clean lines and fresh colors, smart patterns and yellow everything. There's a refreshing lack of pastels, though I may just have blinders on (its rare that I like something in cloying baby tones).
2. Plaid Dragon. Super pretty pop songs to listen to while I wait for spring.

27 March 2013

Mary Janes and Stripes

Here's how I looked today for work and dinner with my mom at my favorite place. I was getting worried about not owning any spring clothes, but this lingering winter is letting me squeeze in a few more wears of my favorite warm dresses. This morning I liked how the stripes of the dress looked with the straps of my shoes and these new mary janes from Topshop are perfect for creating stripes of color with a pair of bright tights.
Vintage dress
AA tights
Clare Vivier bag
Topshop shoes

20 March 2013

Five hours away, its an eternal summer

Its weird that 5 hours away by plane I could be sleeping with an ocean breeze blowing through my window. Its always been there but never occurred to me since I've never had that kind of tropical escape vacation. Now I'm back home in NY and despite the extra sunlight hours its still winter. Also, its really weird to have a tan and need a hat and scarf. It feels so wrong!
Here is what I looked like Monday when it was blue skies and sunshine with bitter cold temperatures. Bright colors and black, my go to for the last days of winter.

moto jacket circa 1998
zuko scarf
Nishe skirt
Topshop sweater
Steve Madden booties
Clare Vivier bag

19 March 2013

Birthday in Tulum

On March 8th it was my 26th birthday and I got to celebrate it in paradise. The reason for this trip was to spend my day soaking up sunshine and swimming in warm water with the person I love most. I spent the whole morning doing just that.
In the afternoon we went into town again and this time I brought my camera. We visited the shops and we picked up some souvenirs

And to Flor de Michoacan for paletas
We sat in the pretty shaded garden in the back
Mango chili and kiwi
No makeup, a little sunburn and a fantastic paleta
When we were showered and changed for dinner we headed out down the road through the jungle
We went to dinner at the highly recommended, Hartwood restaurant owned and run by some transplanted Brooklynites. You have to get there almost at 6 on the dot when they open in order to get a table because its that popular

We sat near the kitchen where I had a great view of the behind-the-scenes action
Coincidentally there was a drink called the "Sweet 26" on the menu, since it was my first day being 26 I had to have it
Not photographed was our Mahi Mahi dip and my perfect steak and sweet potato dinner. Rich ordered a fried octopus and I pointed out that it looked like Ursula the Seawitch.
Corn ice cream with a birthday candle on top to end the evening
It was a spectacular birthday, especially combined with my much more recent birthday party last Friday night. I have a feeling 26 is going to treat me well.

18 March 2013

Tulum day 3

Day three in Tulum found me blissed out taking pictures of my beautiful surroundings.
Here are some pretty flowers I found

Shaded paths through the cabanas

An early morning walk before breakfast

Piping plovers

After sunrise
Typical breakfast: melon, potatoes and eggs
Going for a lunchtime walk past Playa Azul
A sailboat on the horizon, one of two boats I saw all week
Seagulls with crazy beaks
The best fish and steak tacos (not pictured: mango margaritas)

The view from lunch at Amansala
Continuing the walk along the beach after lunch

The rest of the day was spent forgetting about my camera and swimming in the ocean and napping under a palm tree.
Once it was dark we walked a short way to a beautiful restaurant, Las Estrellas
I took a crappy phone picture of my delicious fish dinner.
Afterwards we walked back to our hotel along the beach under the stars.

14 March 2013

Tulum day 2

Our first night in Tulum was quiet, and as I would find out, quite normal. We took our first nighttime stroll down the dark road to Villa las Estrellas for fish, guac and beers. There was hardly anyone else there the whole week, but the first night it was disconcerting to be at one of only two tables at a restaurant at dinnertime. Rich and I were both passed out cold by about 8:30pm which is quite easy to do in Tulum.
We woke up in time to see the sun come up from our porch.

After breakfast we changed for our first full day of relaxing and swimming.

There's Rich, out for a swim. I stayed on the beach with book for the most part.
At some point we managed to make it into town for tacos, big bottles of water and paletas but all those pictures are on my phone though (I was very disorganized about taking pictures, but hey, it was vacation).
When we came back to the beach in the evening I put my toes in the water.

At Happy Hour we started walking down the beach and made a quick stop at Playa Azul. The drinks weren't good at all, but it was a cute place.

Moving along we got the best margaritas of the whole trip here at Kin-Ha, which we thought was a different place entirely until we asked for directions to Kin-Ha and the waiter looked at us like we were insane.
Beach bum
Margaritas followed by a huge shrimp dinner and more margaritas.
After dinner the walk back to our hotel along the beach was beautiful under the jet black sky filled with one million stars. At this point we realized it was no good fighting it, once the sun goes down in Tulum its time to sleep: our second night we stayed awake until 8:30pm.
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