24 February 2013

Thursday stripes

Interrupting the beautiful Icelandic landscapes and bar scenes to show you what I wore on Thursday for work. It was frigid, and actually colder than all our time in Iceland so I layered up with a vintage striped dress and a thrift store blouse with swiss dots. I never thought I'd ever find a flattering dress with horizontal stripes covering it, but there it was hanging on a rack in vintage store with an $8 price tag. Can't beat that. Anyway, I'm watching the Academy Awards and eating raviolis, so here are the pictures!
vintage dress (a similar one here)
thrifted Gap top
H&M 200 den tights
Steve Madden booties
vintage jewelry


  1. Such a cute little dress and what a steal! I really like the simple styling with the black tights and boots.

  2. You look amazing!
    I love that dress!
    Is it a blouse and a dress?
    They go so well together!

  3. I adore this outfit, that collar with the dress is lovely!

    Maria xxx

  4. really cute dress! I enjoyed seeing your iceland adventures- so cool! how weird to think it was less cold there than here. STOP IT NEW YORK.

  5. You look like a brunette Margot Tenenbaum here. Or maybe a cross between Wednesday Adams and Margot Tenenbaum, which is even better!

  6. WHOA NOW. Compliment city in this comment. Thank you!

  7. Ugh this is so classic and adorable, how do you find these things at vintage shops?? I can't even.

  8. Very Margot from the Royal Tennenbaums. Absolutely LOVE it!

  9. The second photo is everything! Giving strong Wednesday Addams vibes. LOVE it.


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