07 February 2013

Instagram January

Right now I'm away in Iceland, but here is a peek at my life in January through Instagram. Sometimes its so inconvenient to carry a big camera around, Instagram is the perfect way for me to record candid moments.
I revisited the things I loved when I was that little girl in wings an a pouty smile to hide my braces. Rich bought me this Star Wars tee shirt, and I found my old posters and jacket in my mom's attic.
This winter I grew a garden in my windowsill with basil, roses and succulents, it looked particularly beautiful, even when I was trimming the roses.
Celebrated Courteney's birthday in Pennsylvania in a pretty cabin surrounded with snow.
Then another weekend in Greenport with Rich pretending to ride motorcycles, buying antique cabinets on a whim, playing with teeny puppies and assisting in the kitchen.
Ate amazing food the whole weekend in Greenport.
The weather turned cold and I bundled up to go out to parties when it was snowing, but made up for being cold with hot soup for two. Oh, and I tried on a princess dress over my many winter layers.


  1. I love this post! Everything is laid out so pretty :D

  2. I used to be so obsessed with the Spice Girls as a teen. There was a divide in our highschool classe: you either like the spice girls or the backstreet boys. Oh yeah!

  3. love all these photos! :)
    Emma xx


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