17 February 2013

Day 2: Iceland

On the second day of Iceland (inset 12 Days of Christmas tune) we met Jon, who's name is pronounced "Yohn" our tour guide. He pulled up in front of our hotel in a bright red van on monster truck wheels that will be referred to as "the super jeep." We all climbed in covered in layers with backpacks filled with snacks and extra clothes for long day of exploring the countryside along the coast south of Reykjavik.
The most important thing you should know about Iceland is that the weather changes about every five minutes. The pictures are all from a single day, but it could have been 5 or more with the sky's dramatic mood swings.
Our first stop was to the black sand beaches, which were mostly covered with a thin layer of snow. We took a short walk around in a little blizzard looking at the tiny icebergs being tossed in the waves along the rocky coastline.
Many of the fields nearing Thórsmörk were covered in ash from the volcanic activity of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010.

After a long drive along the coast we arrived at a small restaurant where we ate traditional "kjotsupa" or Icelandic meat soup.

Outside the restaurant there were cute dogs running around near all the huge super jeeps. Here is a little pooch who has no fear of big tires.
Here is a peek at our big red van ready to take us to the glaciers.
Leaving the paved road that would take you all the way around the country onto a volcanic ash track.
Rich and Dave stretching out for the glacier walk.
So when we signed up for a glacier walk we were in a very American mindset. We might go out on a glacier and shuffle around at the edge, maybe scoot around some lower bits of ice. Were we in for a surprise.

Hiking on bright blue glacial ice with the help of some metal cramp on's.

Hey there!.
Exploring an ice cave with Linds.
Hey Rich!
After the hike we went to see glacial waterfalls.
Iceland Day 2
Dave R after getting close to the water
Once again driving off the paved road we saw beautiful mountains with water running down the sides. Most of the group dozed off for a little while.
Jon stopped the car to let air out of the tires and while almost everyone napped, Rich and I got out and watched the sun start to set over the mountains.

Our super jeep in the remains of a dried up glacial lagoon. If it were the summer, we'd be parked in a blue lake. It looks like a spaceship on another planet in winter though.
Dave R in the distance taking a picture of the huge glacial tongue.If you look closely you can see the wall of blue ice peeking out from under the snow. 
On a nerdy note, they filmed Game of Thrones in Iceland, and this is exactly how I picture the land north of the Wall in Westeros.
After this the sun went down and we saw just one more waterfall at dusk. The pictures are still living in Rich's camera though, so hopefully I can share them soon. It was a sleepy ride back to Reykjavik where we had a huge dinner followed by a long night of drinking and dancing at Dillon's (a rock bar in the city). I have a few pictures of that I'll show you soon.


  1. the photos are lovely! :D

  2. wow! looks like such an amazing adventure!

  3. This is incredible. It's really like you're on another planet! And seriously you went out dancing after all of this?? How do you guys have so much energy??

  4. Wow! everything looks amazing.

    I'm sure is a wonderfull experience <3

    See you.

  5. This looks incredible, what an amazing experience. Iceland looks so different from anywhere I've seen/been before!



  6. Wowwwwwww I can't get over these photos!! It's like another planet!!! My uncle filmed this commercial a while back for Guitar Hero in Iceland and ever since he came back with all his stories & photos it's been top on my list of places to visit. Soon I hope! You should make a travel guide so that I have plenty of Kallie-approved tips for when I go.

  7. The scenery is so beautiful it's otherworldly, and I say this being from the mountains! Iceland has been on my list forever. Is it really cheap now with the economic meltdown?

  8. I've only been in the airport, but what I saw from the plane, I'm totally convinced that Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Looks like you're having a good time :)

  9. I wouldn't say really cheap, its on par with NY once you're there but of course its really all about what you want to DO there. We wanted to see the countryside but be in Reykjavik at night. Beer was a little expensive, but not as bad as NY.

  10. Omg, these pictures are so beautiful! I am beyond jealous! What an amazing landscape and I am really hungry after looking at that soup!

  11. wow wow wow so neat!!


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