20 February 2013

Day 3: Iceland

Day three was a late start after a long night of drinking and dancing and we had the whole morning to sleep in, eat breakfast and pick up some souvenirs. Around noon Jon picked us up in the super jeep for another day of Icelandic adventure.
Our first stop was down by the harbor near the boats and concert hall.

I saw a rainbow everyday in Iceland. I missed the picturesque ones that appeared near waterfalls or mountains, but this one appeared as we were driving out of the city but I felt lucky to get it anyway.
Drinks to toast with if we should see the Northern Lights later that night.
Þingvellir, where the settlers would come together and where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are drifting apart.

We were driving along and I had sort of dozed off when Jon pulled the van over and said we were going to get some water. He meant that we were literally going to get water from a spring into this lake. Here he's pointing out where we are, and where the glacier the water comes from is.

Getting the best water I've ever tasted.
Photobomb with some beautiful landscape

And then we met the Icelandic ponies! So so damn cute, with stubby legs and long eyelashes. I wanted to take him home, even if we did have to name him Bitey.
At Gullfoss
Then we went to Geysir (more on that later!) and to get a snack but the window of the car had broken. Luckily its a Ford like Rich's Bronco (which Jon and Rich talked about extensively) and Rich just pulled off the door panel and fixed it by the glow of a teeny flash light.
One of my favorite parts of the trip is one that I have absolutely no pictures of. We went to a spa with steam baths and hot pools heated with natural hot springs. It was amazing, sitting in a steam bath, getting in a hot tub, going back to a sauna and all outdoors on a freezing early February night. It didn't even feel cold after the steam baths. It was even raining while we were lounging in the hot tub. But, no pictures because it was dark and wet and didn't want to risk my camera or phone.
Finally it was time for dinner, and as usual I was too hungry to take a picture of my food. What can you do? I was having such a good time. But here's everyone hanging out in the restaurant.
The plan was to go see Northern Lights after a late dinner but since it was raining and not likely to clear up, we took all our beers back to Reykjavik and went out drinking.
Famous late night food trucks
The last stop, lamb hot dogs at 3:30am.


  1. I love love love the one of you and the pony! And those landscapes are breathtaking. Man, I'm having some serious wanderlust right now, thanks a LOT. Seriously though I'm just going to live vicariously through you, please keep posting about Iceland, it is amazing.

  2. I went to Iceland in June! It was AMAZING. These picture bring back so many happy memories!

  3. This is a beautiful place!

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