09 January 2013

Working in vintage

I love a beautifully detailed vintage party dress, but even more than that I love simply cut shift dresses from a bygone era to go to work in. For me this is meeting somewhere in the middle of business casual and my actual vintage loving style.
Vintage dress
Old Navy sweater
Topshop Shoes


  1. Agh, that dress! That face! Followed. Absolutely, positively followed.


  2. You look so so cute in this shift dress! The color is super pretty on you. The headband is the perfect accessory to pair with it too.

  3. Kallie Hello, I love your vintage dress also really like that style and you look beautiful, I loved her look today and your shoe is also beautiful.

    Loved his plaid sofa is very beautiful and suits your home that is beautiful

    kisses rose jp

  4. You look so lovely! Love the dress (the print and shape!), and I am still crazy about these shoes.



  5. It can be so hard to combine love of vintage and work wardrobe when you work in an office - our company policy is wear 'business casual' whatever that means! I think you've combined this look well - smart and stylish :)

  6. This dress is perfect on you!

    Maria xxx

  7. This dress is gorgeous, I always find it quite difficult to find the line between what I want to wear (patterns and prettiness galore) and what I should be wearing. This toes the line perfectly! You look gorgeous xo

  8. This dress is so gorgeous xx

  9. Anything vintage makes my heart swell, and i LOVE the shift dress you found. you look so wonderfully mod, and i like the clunky shoes paired with it. It's totally work appropriate and not even the teeniest bit drab like most work outfits are :)



  10. Emily_RubySlippersJanuary 10, 2013 at 6:12 PM

    Gorrrrrgeous... I really need more dresses like that in my life and agree that it looks awesome with those shoes. You seem to be really into the vintage thing at the moment! I think I'd be more into it too if I was in North America...

    Oh, don't worry. I already told my mom to STFU from you. :D

  11. I just stumbled upon your blog and had to stop by to say that I absolutely adore your style! You must have a very enviable closet. Also, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and have been contemplating a bob similar to yours -- such a fresh, polished look!


  12. Next time you're here I will take you on a tour of all my thrifty vintage paradises if you want! Is vintage not as popular over there? I'm probably going to buy a velvet dress and will blame/credit you for the idea.

  13. Emily_RubySlippersJanuary 11, 2013 at 2:49 AM

    Vintage is just really overpriced here, and I refuse to pay 35 E for a 70s polyester dress. Then shipping fees from Etsy are also prohibitive. I'll happily take the blame for any velvet purchases. :)

  14. I love a Vintage style, is so cute! Congrats for the blog... a big kiss from Portugal



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