07 January 2013

We dance to the beat of bad kissers clinking teeth

After months of keeping my eyes open for the perfect black and white skirt I found this wool one. And it is the clothing equivalent of the Robyn's Body Talk album cover. Thus, it is the greatest skirt ever.
Starting a new week in my pretty new skirt, I paired it with my old standby navy blue schoolgirl sweater. Underneath I had my fancy new Darth Vader tee shirt that Rich bought me. He really knows what I like.
American Apparel sweater
Purple Cactus tee shirt
Nishe skirt
Seychelles booties


  1. $$$$ INSTA CLASSIC $$$$
    no really, i'm so into it

  2. Kallie us that her skirt is linda you have great taste and her boyfriend also a beautiful shirt, I loved your look

    kisses rose jp

  3. Hooray that's one of my t shirts! It's always so cool to see my shirts out there in the wild. Thanks so much for adding a link to my store. Would it be ok if I posted the pictures on my facebook fanpage? I will of course include a link to your smashing blog. I don't want to spam your page with links but you can message me on my page or even post the photos yourself if you want - https://www.facebook.com/purplecactusdesign
    Thanks again and it looks absolutely awesome on you!
    Pete (Purple Cactus)

  4. Ah I love it. Such an awesome shape and print :) And your Darth Vader tee - so much love!


  5. This skirt is amazing, I love the print!

    Maria xxx

  6. OMG PLEASE DO! Thanks so much for stopping by. I've already had like 3 people tell me they wanted my fantastic tee so I figured I better let people know where they can get one.

  7. SO. CUTE. That skirt is so great. The print is seriously fun, but the shape is so classic - such a neat combination!

  8. THAT PHOTO WHY IS IT SO SMALL well whatever click on it and Magneto says it all.

  9. NO it's not a gif here: http://gifrific.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Magneto-perfection.gif

  10. I have to say this skirt works sooooo well with the tee! The last picture just changes your perception of what's it all like. Lovin it! :)

  11. That skirt is amazing and so was your description.

  12. Oh, the design of that skirt is so perfect. Also, I appreciate the title of this post!


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