24 January 2013

So be true to your school, just like you would to your girl or guy

No, this was not an epic thrift store find, this is my actual cheerleading skirt from high school. The two reactions I get are shock at my cheerleading past or people who think that think it makes complete sense. My logic was that it was the closest I could get to being in the circus when I wasn't doing it at camp. Plus I really like football.
I've been seeing this trend around the net, and fueled by my love of cheerleading and Sailor-Moon-esque pleated skirts I decided to break this out of the attic.
I paired it with my excellent new tee shirt from Tee + Cake with various cats in hats on it because it is the most hilarious shirt ever and I figured if I'm playing dress-up at home I can do what I like.
I always think that age is just a number, but this might make me look a little too young. Could I pull this off outside the house? I'll probably have to work on making it a little more appropriate for someone who's well over the legal drinking age.
Tee-Tee + Cake Topshop
Doc Martens
vintage skirt (can owning something for over 10 years make it vintage?)


  1. I love this! Your cheerleading skirt is so cute. What's better than a Sailor Moon-esque skirt anyway? The outfit looks young, but it's really cute on you. You look young so you can definitely pull it off!

  2. Omgggg I ADORE this outfit! I really love how you dressed up the tee and your skirt is p e r f e c t :D I actually thrifted this wonderful cheerleader-esque pinafore a few months ago and trying to figure out how to pull it off!

  3. I always love your tee-shirt/skirt combos - they have a lovely retro 90s vibe. And I like to think that any retro/vintage look gives you a free pass age wise. That's how I excuse a lot of my 5-year-old-girls'-birthday-frock-style dresses anyway :)

  4. You're stunning :) xxx

  5. Dude, I think this is my favorite outfit of yours ever.


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