23 January 2013

Saturday in Greenport

Over the weekend I went to visit Rich out on the North Fork. On Saturday we took advantage of the sunshine (ignoring the icy temperatures) and took a long walk in a local nature preserve.
Tree climbing is my favorite thing
Pretty paths winding through the trees
We met two cute pups
And a garter snake enjoying the sunshine
Hey there! Sometimes I wear jeans, but very rarely. Saturday was one of those days.
When we were nearly home we drove past this beautiful cabinet outside an antique store. Rich stopped so we could poke around. There were quite a few interesting treasures including a wool sailor top, two very old sewing machines and a book of 45's.
I wanted the book of records but I didn't have cash so the owner told me to take it and come back with it. When I did, I couldn't resist asking about the cabinet. He said he wanted to get rid of it, and it was only $100. Mouth gaping, I ran back to the car to tell Rich that it was coming home. Currently its living in Rich's kitchen since its roughly the size of my whole apartment.
While we were rolling my impulse purchase to the car I noticed that we were parked next to the National Scrabble Association, which I thought was pretty cool.
We cleaned it up outside and then set it up in the kitchen. The two of us sat in the living room watching a cheesy movie and furiously searching the Internet on our phones to try to find out more about it. Its a McDougall Hoosier cabinet made in Frankfort, Indiana sometime between 1915 and 1920.
All the while there was this cat drama playing out. Somehow a big fat stray snuck into the basement of the house and into a tiny crawl space. We spent most of the day hearing it through the heating vents, and the other part of the day trying to lure her out. We left some tuna on the stairs and sat waiting for her.
When there was no sign of the cat we went to Lieb Cellar for a wine tasting
The tiniest little puppy came out to say hello while I sipped on the nicest white Merlot. Could an evening be any better?
After all that we went home and I took a wine-nap while Rich cooked me dinner. Pretty sweet Saturday.


  1. What a lovely Saturday! That cabinet is awesome!

    Maria xxx

  2. wwooowww that snake is so pretty! how cool! love your shoes too:)

  3. Lucky find with the cabinet! And omw the puppers is so pwecious!!

    The Occasional Indulgence


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