03 January 2013

Inspiration for winter days

Winter has descended on New York City with a vengeance. Or maybe it only seems that way because last winter was a soupy, warm mess and I've completely forgotten what cold feels like. Here are a few inspiration pictures to keep you warm on the first icy days of the season.
1.Calivintage, Edie Campbell photographed by Alasdair McLellan for 032c Magazine, Thom Dolan , Lavenham (?) coats on That Kind of Woman, Refinery 29, Staysassy/Livejournal
2. The Sartorialist, Fashion Bits and Bobs, Matilda by Phill Taylor
3. Kamali Kulture, Left-my-heart-in-paris(not original source), Emma Elwin, Rag & Bone
4. A.P.C., Miroslava Duma, Streetstyld, nouvelle-nouveau (not original source)


  1. Lovely looks. x


  2. haha most of these are in my winter inspiration folder. i have a jumper like the one in the upper right corner and I wear it constantly. also combat boots, sweater dresses, and long coats

  3. I re-pin from you constantly. Sweater dresses are not my fav, however I am really into large checker patterns and plaid in greens or reds. Combat boots. MUST. HAVE. Which docs did you end up getting?? (I have a date with my computer this weekend to respond to comments haha so if I ask again thats why)

  4. I got the 1460s in "cherry red", it's like an oxblood color. I love them (wearing them right now, in fact).


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