05 January 2013

Flashback Style x 3

Since this whole early to mid-nineties trend has taken over my wardrobe, I pick out outfits that my 10 year old self would have either worn or coveted.

And of course, the old stand by, channeling Ty from Clueless under the tutelage of Cher but not quite giving up grungy staples like beat up Converse. Cher and Di probably never would have let her wear the cat sweater, so lets just assume this is after she got together with Travis.
In Wednesday's case, this was similar to an outfit I actually wore in the winter of 1995: A plaid jumper from Old Navy and a white turtleneck and likely my light up LA Gears because. I was clearly ahead of my time in terms of fashion trends I'd be seeing in my 20's (see: running sneakers with dresses).
Why did I have such an intense love for Empire Records before I could fully grasp the story lines? One, the music. Two, Cory's plaid skirt-combat boots-cropped sweater which my mom would have never let her pre-teen daughter wear outside of the house. Last week
I channeled my over-acheiving speed-freak style icon.
1.Asos sweater, BDG skirt, Uniqlo socks, Converse sneakers
2.vintage wool jumper, Joe Fresh turtleneck, Steve Madden Booties
3.vintage wool wrap skirt, Free People sweater, Converse sneakers


  1. I've been SO inspired by your style lately. I feel like it is the best style in the blogosphere right now, and also the only style I want to replicate. Call me creepy, but basically every time I get dressed I go, "What would Kallie wear?? WHY DON'T I HAVE KALLIE CLOTHES IN MY WARDROBE" and then I just end up wearing something completely random and awful. But at least I wanted to look as cool as you. I had good intentions. Seriously though I kind of want to overhaul my entire wardrobe and I Need you to help me, how do I do it, how?? xx

  2. These are the loveliest nineties inspiration outfits I've seen in quite a while. Things that genuinely look reaally nice insted of... well... dorky. Your style is rad. Oh and I like your hair.

  3. love these looks! i'm obsessed with recreating looks from my elementary school days as well :) happy new year!

  4. Kinga Sarolta KavasiJanuary 5, 2013 at 5:53 PM

    lovely photos :)


  5. Oh Kallie this is a perfect flashback post, very unique and creative :D

    I wish you a happy new year.
    See you!

  6. love all the looks!

  7. That second outfit is my favourite, I LOVE the checks!

    Maria xxxx

  8. Um, so I made Rich read this because I was like, "OMFG this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!" I also told him about how I totally want to be your friend and made him blog stalk you. (FYI foisting things on him is my way of showing excitement)
    You are waaaay too nice, especially since I think you dress really well!
    Just shoot me an email! I don't even think I dress that cool, but I did start a draft on the "list" post. I'm nervous about writing something like that hahaha.
    I actually myself am in the middle of a wardrobe rehaul, its slow going. We can share notes.

  9. Oh elementary school, the height of fashion. ;)

  10. Aww I foist things upon my boyfriend in excitement too! And I was perfectly serious, you're my main inspo when it comes to my life right now. Stop being so cool? And don't be nervous about making a post about your wardrobe list, I think it would be amazing and I bet tons of people would be all "THIS IS SO HELPFUL" because it would be. Or maybe I'll just email you and pick your brain privately. ;)

  11. Ahh I love this post! All of these outfits are lovely, and I'm particularly in love with your tights in the first look! <3


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