08 January 2013

December Instagram

Slightly belated but here are my December Instagrams along with some photos that I meant to Instagram and, well, didn't. It was the holidays! You can follow my Instagram @kallieish, I don't always forget to upload pictures.
I got this super-cute bear phone case, and wished for a Ron Swanson emoji.
Imitating Grumpy Cat at work and eating candy from my boss consisting of popcorn jellybeans and jawbreakers. Candy bags make me the exact opposite of grumpy though.
I bought the funniest app called Catpaint that paints various cats and meows at you. Then spent a few days making cat collages for everyone I know.
For Christmas we didn't have a company party but our team had a night out in midtown. We had Korean barbeque and a lot of cucumber soju. Afterwards we went to a small restaurant a few blocks away and climbed 4 flights of teeny skinny stairs to sing karaoke in our own little room. This might be my favorite way to spend a night.
I dressed up for Santacon, and made my nails festive too.
Vacation finally came and I spent a few perfect days out east with Rich having delicious dinners with beer and hanging out by the Christmas tree.
You saw most of my Christmas Instagram shots...but here are two from New Year's Eve 2013! Latkes to bring to the party and silver dancing shoes.


  1. I loooove your phone case! And dude if there was a Ron Swanson emoji I would use it ALL THE TIME because when would it not be relevant.

  2. Right!? RIGHT! A Ron Swanson emoji would be the only one I would ever need.


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