01 January 2013

Au Revoir 2012.

Five events that have been the best this year?
Moving to a pretty studio apartment in NYC
My new job (its been almost a year!)
When I turned 25 on a trip to Europe
Helping out on a short film here in New York
Everything that happened during fashion week from getting to meet some awesome people at the blogger picnic to the Ira Glass encounter at the Rookie 1st Anniversary party

Five events that have been the worst this year?

When my best friend's dad passed away
The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
The school shooting in Connecticut and all the senseless shootings this year
Being sick all the time this year, having about 25 sinus infections and colds
Whenever I got in a fight with Rich about being far apart

What have you learned this year?

Just to do whatever I want within reason. Of course there are limits to that, but I felt like I needed to have a place of my own and so I did it. I needed to travel so I did. Sometimes I say no to things because I need to be alone. I suppose learning all about needing to find balance in my life in so many ways. To balance blogging and work, friends and my boyfriend, when to make plans and when to stay at home.
Was it the year that you had in mind?
Not at all. I didn't expect to be so extremely happy and so desolately sad in such crashing waves. I thought my emotions would be more moderate because I didn't expect disasters or death, nor did I expect to be so headstrong and brave and change all the things I wanted to change all at once. I thought things might have been slower, and my emotions could slowly unravel themselves but instead of unwinding to keep time with my heart life decided to come at me in huge bursts.
What clothes did you wear the most?
My white Free People sweater that I picked up one lunch hour at TJMaxx because it was chilly. For a few hours I wasn't sure if I would keep it, but then I wore it all summer over dresses in the super air conditioned office and now I would wear it everyday if I could.
Black booties because I can never go wrong with them.
What music did you listen to the most?
My favorite songs in 2012 were:
Emmylou Harris: Born to Run
Best Coast cover: Rhiannon
First Aid Kit: King of the World
Robyn: Hang With Me
The Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday
It was an eclectic year in music.

What have you watched? (Film, television, comics ..)

All of Roswell, Dawson's Creek, Parks and Rec, Freaks and Geeks, Firefly and currently Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I bought a Roku box which has handily replaced cable for me.
I also like watching new episodes of Once Upon a Time, Revenge and New Girl. Downton Abbey is one of my favorites and I started watching series 3, but I felt bad that I wasn't watching with my mom so I stopped and am waiting to see it on PBS.I didn't see many movies at the theater, I was mostly into TV. Actually I think I only saw Snow White and the Huntsman and recently The Hobbit and that's all.

Which people do you hang with the most?
Rich of course, but other than that I don't really have a gang of friends I see too often. That's not to say I have no friends, just that regularly hanging out gets harder when there are more people and obligations. I like having a lot of different people in my life.
What new people did you come to know this year?
So many! I got to hang out with some great blogger girls in the fall, I also made friends in my new job and a few other new friends through some very good old friends.
What is the best thing you've read?
I'v probably read something like 20 books this year, but I think the best is a tie between two. A Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin which was intense, exciting and sexy. I could hardly put it down all summer. But also Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami which was quiet and used beautiful language and imagery. I didn't find it sad despite feeling like everyone else who had read it telling me it was.
Did you do anything this year that you've never done before?
I finally moved into my own apartment. Visited Barcelona. Got an iPhone.
Did some of your friends become parents this year?
No one extremely close to me, but a lot of Facebook friends did.
What was your biggest achievement in 2012?
Gaining more independence.
Best bargain?
Super recent, but in the after Christmas sales I saw a beautiful Kate Spade New York sweater that was so expensive but it was on sale and there was a coupon and I had a gift card and everything aligned to make it only $23!
What did you spend the most money on?
Traveling for sure; To Paris twice, to Spain, to the North Fork and North Carolina.
Barcelona with Emily
What you wish you'd done more?
I wish I had written more and rode my bike more. It was so disgustingly hot all summer, biking was only possible early in the morning before the sun came up.
Favorite Video of the Year?
The waving bears. Gigantic Kodiak bears living in a sanctuary that politely wave to visitors with terrifyingly huge paws and claws. See it here.
What did you do on your birthday in 2012?
It was magical! I celebrated for a few days in Paris with a dinner one night where the whole restaurant sang to me. The night before my birthday I went to Candelaria for fancy punch cocktails and made new friends and went with them to an after hours bar with a set of crazy fancy stairs right in the middle and basically stayed out all night. On my birthday we had muffins and croissants, wandered through the city and had a picnic on a hill with oranges, bread, cheese and chocolate with a wine toast. Then in the evening a home cooked meal with champagne and then dancing in a club. Amazing. Best birthday yet, all it lacked was kissing my boyfriend.
How would you describe your style in 2012?
It was kind of shaky at first because I couldn't decide what direction I was going in with my new job having a more professional atmosphere. Finally I just started wearing skirts or vintage dresses everyday and simplifying a lot of things because I emptied my wardrobe when I moved. I liked to wear a lot of red clothes too!
List from Sandra


  1. it looks like it was a beautiful year! hope 2013 is somehow even better :)

  2. :) This was a good post. Here's to 2013 being full of excitement, growth & happiness.

  3. lovely post! and the photos are amazing :)

  4. Emily_RubySlippersJanuary 2, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    I love this post! I wish I had the courage to write an honest post about 2012... hmm, maybe 2013. It's great to see an overview of what you've been up to and also how you felt about it, because sometimes it's the how we feel about things that gets lost in the day to day of blogging, in an effort to make it seems like things are good and exciting.

    I've really loved reading your blog this year, and was so happy to see you in the spring, and I hope we get to have more adventures this year too!xx

  5. What an amazing year, hope 2013 is even better for you :)

    Maria xxx

  6. Happy 2013 Kallie. Thanks for your wonderful posts. I really enjoy reading your blog and I admire what you do. Great post and amazing pictures. Looking forward to read more of you during this new year.

  7. such a good recap post!

  8. you're apartment is SO cute!!! sounds like you had quite a successful 2012! :)

  9. I'm glad I discovered so many awesome bloggers in 2012, including you! I always love your posts, you're so thoughtful. :) Happy new year to you. 2013's going to be a good one, I can feel it!

  10. You are by far my favorite blogger, and when I read people complain about how tacky/superficial other bloggers are, I feel so grateful to be a reader of your's. I hope you have a really great 2013- I can't wait to see what adventures await you! Keep up the great work!

  11. I loved reading this post! You've had quite a year, girl. I'm gonna have to do this on my blog... maybe... probs not. P.S. you're gorgeous!!!

  12. This is such a great recap post! I'm reading Norwegian Wood right now and absolutely love it. It sounds like you had a very fulfilling and independent year. Looking forward to all your lovely posts in 2013! x

  13. This post is clearly one of my favorite 2013's post! It is so well written and I just love those questions, I had a lot of fun reading your answers and answering in my head myself!

    Olive xox


  14. That is SO nice of you to say, thank you so so much. I'm really glad someone doesn't think I'm tacky and superficial...I try not to be so thanks for noticing.
    xoxo happy new year!


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