31 January 2013

Tea. Cough drops. Films. Strawberries.

The sniffles finally became a full blown cold.
On Monday and Tuesday after work and tried to put something together but I couldn't think clearly enough which made me frustrated and try even harder to the point where my brain was awake but my body was falling asleep.
Yesterday at work that same feeling of cloudy-brain hung over me accompanied by a cough and sore throat. Halfway through the day I packed up and left work. Rich made made me promise to go home, turn on a movie and not do a thing. I curled up at the top of my bed in all the pillows and watched the first season of Gossip Girl. Perhaps this is the cold meds talking, but Chuck is fantastic. I'd kind of forgotten.
Today I stayed home and have stayed ont he couch watching Norwegian Wood, Bill Cunningham New York and Sherlock.
I made myself get out for a fe minutes to pick up strawberries, cookies and fancy juice. The only time I ever have a serious sweet tooth is when I'm sick.
Anyway, I'm finally starting to feel better and I thought I'd break the silence here. Thank goodness the weekend is in less than 24 hours. Oh, and I really do need a coffee table.

27 January 2013

Stay warm

I had meant to take these pictures outside in the sun when Rich and I took a walk for a sandwich but it was way too cold to even take my jacket off. Last year's strangely warm winter made me forget what winter feels like. Here's how I looked this weekend when I did a lot of shopping in Manhattan and thrifting in Brooklyn, spent Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday morning drinking wine at a bar with Rich but mostly just trying to stay warm.
PS-Rich was making me laugh while he took these and it was really cute.
Vintage Esprit sweater (it was my mom's in college)
J Crew button down
BDG pants
Doc Martens

26 January 2013

Less Bullshit.

Does anyone know who wrote/made this?
Are you having a nice weekend?

24 January 2013

So be true to your school, just like you would to your girl or guy

No, this was not an epic thrift store find, this is my actual cheerleading skirt from high school. The two reactions I get are shock at my cheerleading past or people who think that think it makes complete sense. My logic was that it was the closest I could get to being in the circus when I wasn't doing it at camp. Plus I really like football.
I've been seeing this trend around the net, and fueled by my love of cheerleading and Sailor-Moon-esque pleated skirts I decided to break this out of the attic.
I paired it with my excellent new tee shirt from Tee + Cake with various cats in hats on it because it is the most hilarious shirt ever and I figured if I'm playing dress-up at home I can do what I like.
I always think that age is just a number, but this might make me look a little too young. Could I pull this off outside the house? I'll probably have to work on making it a little more appropriate for someone who's well over the legal drinking age.
Tee-Tee + Cake Topshop
Doc Martens
vintage skirt (can owning something for over 10 years make it vintage?)

23 January 2013

Reds and greens

Over the weekend I hardly changed out of my velvet jeans and white vintage sweater. It was so relaxing to spend the whole morning hiking and the afternoon watching movies and then taking a shower late in the day and only really getting dressed for dinnertime.
This is what I've been wearing for the past few weekends. Its so warm and simple to wrap on a wool skirt in blues and greens, grab a tee shirt and pull on my red boots. Hibernation mode is in full swing I think.
Also, I don't know if there's been a picture yet but I bought this scarf last March around my birthday. Lately its been like armor to fight of the cold gusts of wind and to bury my face in with all my coughing and sniffles.
Uniqlo coat
Doc Martens
zukas scarf
vintage Express skirt
vintage tee
H&M cardigan
Clare Vivier purse

Saturday in Greenport

Over the weekend I went to visit Rich out on the North Fork. On Saturday we took advantage of the sunshine (ignoring the icy temperatures) and took a long walk in a local nature preserve.
Tree climbing is my favorite thing
Pretty paths winding through the trees
We met two cute pups
And a garter snake enjoying the sunshine
Hey there! Sometimes I wear jeans, but very rarely. Saturday was one of those days.
When we were nearly home we drove past this beautiful cabinet outside an antique store. Rich stopped so we could poke around. There were quite a few interesting treasures including a wool sailor top, two very old sewing machines and a book of 45's.
I wanted the book of records but I didn't have cash so the owner told me to take it and come back with it. When I did, I couldn't resist asking about the cabinet. He said he wanted to get rid of it, and it was only $100. Mouth gaping, I ran back to the car to tell Rich that it was coming home. Currently its living in Rich's kitchen since its roughly the size of my whole apartment.
While we were rolling my impulse purchase to the car I noticed that we were parked next to the National Scrabble Association, which I thought was pretty cool.
We cleaned it up outside and then set it up in the kitchen. The two of us sat in the living room watching a cheesy movie and furiously searching the Internet on our phones to try to find out more about it. Its a McDougall Hoosier cabinet made in Frankfort, Indiana sometime between 1915 and 1920.
All the while there was this cat drama playing out. Somehow a big fat stray snuck into the basement of the house and into a tiny crawl space. We spent most of the day hearing it through the heating vents, and the other part of the day trying to lure her out. We left some tuna on the stairs and sat waiting for her.
When there was no sign of the cat we went to Lieb Cellar for a wine tasting
The tiniest little puppy came out to say hello while I sipped on the nicest white Merlot. Could an evening be any better?
After all that we went home and I took a wine-nap while Rich cooked me dinner. Pretty sweet Saturday.

18 January 2013

Talk Hard

Last weekend while we were sitting around the fire my friends and I talked about our "top ten" favorite movies. Its just so damn hard to choose once I'm past three, but I can safely say that Pump Up the Volume is among that elite group in my heart. Its by the same director who made another one of my favorites, Empire Records.
Christian Slater plays Harry Hard-On, the host of a pirate radio show with a cult like following of high schoolers in a "cookie cutter" early 90's suburban town. Unknown to them is that he is also Mark, the new guy in school, nerdy outcast. By day he eats alone and runs his hand through his hair a lot. By night he talks dirty in his low, gravelly voice about taboo subjects, the Beastie Boys and runs his hands through his hair a lot. He's just so eerily attractive in this role.
When a beautiful listener pinpoints his true identity and befriends him its not long until his show becomes a beacon for speaking and acting out in a town with serious issues and outrage.
I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't seen it so I'll stop, but you should know that I watched it about 1 million times as a teenager. I wanted to be Nora so badly with cropped hair, red lips and send mysterious and intense letters to someone in red envelopes.

16 January 2013

Internet High-Fives (Favorite Blogs Right Now)

Today I had a rough time reconciling myself to the fact that having a blog can sometimes lead to terrible things being said about me online.
Now, all I want to do is spread a little blog-lovin' by sharing some of my favorite blogs with you. I love reading about the adventures of other young women, looking at beautiful photography and maybe even learning a thing or two. Oh, and cats. But you already know that I love Internet cats.
I've been reading Tuss Berglöf for awhile, though reading is probably a bad way to describe it. You see, I have no idea what she's saying because I don't read Swedish beyond a "hello" or "yes." Her images stand alone though. Dreamy shots of her and her friends, of beautiful summer days and excellently photographed animals. Her occasional forays into blogging about her outfits always leaves me wishing that my outfit shots were half as lovely and caught the same detail as hers.
As always on these types of lists, I have to add Owl vs. Dove because it is one of my all time favorite blogs. Soph has an incredible eye for trends and fills her little piece of the Internet with inspiration drawn from art exhibitions, clothing designers that someone on my side of the world may never have heard of and music among others. Endlessly inspiring.
Midnight Street/Hey Jo is another Swedish blog with an impossibly stylish girl who wears her hair like Sailor Moon and wears sneakers and takes hilarious pictures (see: pineapple on head) and beautiful ones. She looks like she really has fun blogging and hanging with her friends.
For style inspiration I've been looking at Time is Grey. I love all her color combos, her vintage collection and how she puts it all together.
And obviously, Bow Ties Are Cool. If you have ever seen the comments between us you've seen that me and Meg are in blog-love. I think she's just such a great writer and reading about her time studying in London and writing a novel is inspiring to me in so many ways. It reminds me why I started blogging (to write!) and to get my life in gear for my own graduate school adventures. Plus, how cool is it that she wrote a novel!? I for one cannot wait to read it. Oh, did I mention she's really stylish and has the cutest hair ever?

So what blogs do you love? I'm always looking for something new to read!
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