29 December 2013

Christmas is going to the dogs

Christmas in DC with the family that came from all over the country to be together. Christmas Eve was spent with the cousins catching up in the bar and then snuggling the new baby. I snuggled the pup. Afterwards we all had fondue for dinner and went to sleep before Santa dropped in.Christmas day everyone opened presents (including the dogs) and we spent the rest of the day touring the monuments before dinner.

At the bar in Georgetown with my cousins

Family snuggling time

Mom and Grandma at the fondue restaurant

Christmas morning!

Pup presents

The family walking down the steps at the Lincoln Memorial


28 December 2013

Capitol Christmas

For Christmas this year I spent the holiday having a family reunion in Washington, DC. On Christmas Day we couldn't let the beautiful weather go to waste and toured the monuments in our Nation's capitol. All the holly bushes were bursting with bright red berries and everyone's noses were just as rosy in the cold. It was so much fun to get my picture snapped in front of the Washington Monument with the Capitol building peeking out from behind it. Even though I'm from a big city, I love seeing those different skylines.

Gap sweater (2010) similar here
Theory skirt (via outlet) similar here
Uniqlo scarf
H&M sparkle tights
vintage Coach bag similar here
vintage Ferragamo pumps
Madewell sunglasses

26 December 2013

Christmas Garland Sweater

In a stroke of good luck and after an hour's wait on line through a thunderstorm I found this perfectly pom-pommed sweater at a sample sale. Its the softest pine tree green yarn and reminds me of Christmas tree garland. Last week while I prepared for the party and finished my Christmas shopping I wore this for three days. It was very holiday appropriate and perfect for recent lazy dressing habits.
Also, I started styling my hair differently with some waves in it that I put in with a round brush and blow dryer. What do you think?

Opening Ceremony sweater via sample sale
American Apparel skirt
H&M tights
vintage hair clip

25 December 2013

Warmed House

Last Saturday night Rich and I invited everyone we love to our fancy dress housewarming party. We had kegs of craft beer and fairy lights in the backyard, a punch bowl with brandy-soaked fruit in the kitchen and Christmas music playing in the living room. It was the perfect party with all of our friends and families.
My handsome roommate-boyfriend.

Lindsay and Kelly playing with paper doll fridge magnets.

Everyone showed up in their best clothes.

Dave, Dave and LK

Greg and Kelly

Joe and Clare

Group picture!

Cheers from my living room

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Our house is very warm now! Merry Christmas!

16 December 2013

Mele Kalikimaka

Oh hey there, its been awhile! Tomorrow I go on vacation for 2 weeks and I won't see my office until 2014. Despite the tropical Christmas greeting its just a stay-cation. I'll have time to do projects I've been putting off, see friends I've been putting off. Until then I'll spend today and tomorrow sitting at my desk clicking away at the keyboard listening to Christmas music and desperately trying not to get distracted. Here's this years Christmas list that you can listen to here on Spotify.

01 December 2013

Casual Thanksgiving

Dressing up is (clearly) kind of my thing, but lately I'm just like, GIVE ME ALL THE LEGGINGS AND SWEATERS. The past few years on Thanksgiving my family has had a massive extended family celebration, but this we're paring down and its just me and my grandparents. Not that I wouldn't put on a gorgeous dress to impress them, but I know that given the opportunity to overeat grandpa's cooking means that whatever I'm wearing needs generous stretchability. So normally I would get up early, put rollers in my hair, put on a pretty holiday outfit I've been planning for weeks and a swipe of lipstick. This year, I'm fully embracing the fact that I will be stuffing myself, watching football and falling asleep on the couch. Just as it should be. Oh, and full disclosure, I wore this again on Friday for biking and seeing Catching Fire.

Uniqlo silk blouse
American Apparel sweater and leggings
Steve Madden boots
Madewell tote and sunglasses
Vintage sweater from Iceland

27 November 2013

Think pink. But don't wear it.

At some point in the past year I became completely obsessed with pink. I want dresses, flowers, shoes and everything else to in a range of dusty rose to bubblegum. Normally I avoid pastels for clothes, but the array of pink hued things that work with my skin tone seem to be popping up everywhere. Here are some of my favorite inspiring shots for thinking pink.


26 November 2013

The Top of Manhattan

At the top of Manhattan there is a medieval abbey filled with treasures perched in a park on a hill overlooking the Hudson River. Rich and I spent Saturday morning wandering through the stone halls and in the enclosed garden of The Cloisters before a birthday brunch in the neighborhood. My favorite place at the museum was the garden with its spectacular view, the neatly labelled plants and a little maze of paths to walk. In the words of Kim when we went to Paris "Shh, I'm having elaborate fantasies about my life in the castle."


Zara hat
Vintage corduroy jumper
Uniqlo heat-tech turtle neck, scarf, and heat tech tights
Boden jacket
Vintage shoes
Clare Vivier messenger bag
Madewell sunglasses

12 November 2013

Raspberry Rhapsody

I've never once in my life considered wearing purple lipstick until I was contacted by Refinery29 and Maybelline to try their new Color Elixir in Raspberry Rhapsody. When I unrolled the paper they were wrapped in I was pretty surprised to see such an offbeat color in the mix. I expected the usuals: pink, red, nude. But there it was in all its bright purple glory. Surprisingly enough it's a beautiful color. I preferred how it looked later on, after some blotting and talking when it mellowed out into a balmy purple-pinkish color. Right off the bat I noticed that it was not as purple as the bottle would have you believe, but that could also be its effect paired with my complexion that often turns even the boldest reds and corals to a pinkish color.
What I love most after trying three colors from this line is how moisturizing it is and that it contains absolutely no glitter or shimmer. I hate anything sparkly on my lips because I feel like I'm eating tinfoil if any gets in my mouth and I feel like every reasonable priced lip color is loaded with it. I will definitely continue using these and I may even pop down to the drugstore to pick up a another color.
Thinking the color was going to be much more purple, I paired it with a hand-me-down hat from my grandma and a graphic print dress. It was freezing, but worth it to get one more quick wear out of my favorite dress from the summer that I didn't photograph.

Maybelline Color Elixir Lipstick: Raspberry Rhapsody c/o R29
JCrew dress
Topshop shoes
Vintage hat

08 November 2013

Groovy Paisley and Fuschia

I finally found the paisley vintage top of my dreams in the basement of my favorite local vintage shop a few weeks ago. Its so Brady Bunch. Along with my sample of Maybelline NY's Color Elixir courtesy of Refinery29 in Fuschia Flourish, I was feeling pretty groovy. I love how the burst of pink lipstick highlights the little details of the top and adds some polish to the overall look.

Maybelline Color Elixir Lipstick: Fuschia Flourish c/o R29
vintage top
vintage coach purse
Doc Martens
American Apparel skirt

07 November 2013

Hot Rod Red

Recently I was contacted by Refinery29 on behalf of Maybelline New York to take their new Color Elixir lipstick for a spin this week. I love a lip color that packs a punch and they aren't kidding when they call it a "color elixir." Its incredibly vibrant, ultra shiny and has some serious lasting power. The formula is definitely comparable to a high end department store brand. My favorite color in the line is Signature Scarlet, a gorgeous hot-rod-red bombshell hue. I especially liked that it didn't "turn pink" on my face which can be a problem with reds, so I'd bet its a great option for anyone else having trouble finding a true red that works for their complexion.
I felt like a 50's pin-up girl swiping on bright red lipstick in the rear view mirror of a classic car last Saturday. Although, I should mention that the pretty pea-green car I'm using as a vanity was actually a boxy little ride from Germany. Not quite as muscle-y as the Chevelle in the first shot, but still a favorite.

Asos Dress
Stay Home Club Symbols Tote
Uniqlo socks
Doc Martens
Maybelline Color Elixir Lipstick: Signature Scarlet c/o R29
Madewell sunnies
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