07 December 2012

The Winter List

As winter approaches I am thinking of cozy sweaters and thick tights and skirts.
I've also been thinking about buying clothes and the choices that go into it. When I moved I thinned out my wardrobe considerably by giving away or selling things from college or didn't wear anymore. Most of the things I no longer wanted were bought at inexpensive stores and usually without much thought behind it.
I don't want to be thoughtless about whats in my closet and what I wear because I love fashion. Being thoughtless about money is just plain irresponsible.
Call me a data nerd, but at the start of the fall I made a spreadsheet of all the things I really wanted. At first it was just things like, "oxblood sweater," or ,"black boots." Then it started to fill in as I found specific items and I added options and prices. The Super Important Autumn List was born and really kept me in line.
My little experiment was a huge success. Mixing things and layering is a breeze now. My closet doesn't feel like its filled with things I hate, and you'll never catch me saying, "I don't have a thing to wear." And all that money I saved is going towards an adventure in February.
Of course I do make exceptions when I fall head over heels in love with a pretty vintage dress...
What's on your winter style wishlist?
Free people sweater
JCrew blouse (similar)
Nixon watch
ASOS skirt
Steve Madden booties
Clare Vivier Messenger bag


  1. Making a list is a great idea. I recently started giving away and selling things I no longer wear and I feel a lot better about it. I don't need to anyway so I might as well just quit being sentimental and get rid of the excess. I still have a long way to go, but I'm trying not to add anything else to my closet right now! Although I WOULD really like a nice pair of pajamas.....

    PS - love the lip color!!

  2. What a lovely sweater! I can'T wear wool and don't like synthetics so I've got real trouble finding nice winter sweaters.
    I make spread sheets for everything as well. ;)

  3. I tend to make lists each season of what I want but I then have trouble keeping to them!


  4. isitsecretisitsafeDecember 7, 2012 at 9:33 AM

    I love that skirt! It's perfect! Also, I like the spreadsheet idea! I'm really bad about buying things I don't need, so making a list of essentials is smart!



  5. Spreadsheet nerds unite! I'm right there with you on consciously buying more quality items. Currently my next thing is a Cambridge Co. Satchel.

  6. I've also been trying to do this for the last couple of years (erm, without the spreadsheet). Basically, I seldom regret any really considered purchase (even if it's impractical--hi Alexandra Grecco dress that is too nice to wear most of the time). I feel like I'm finally on the road to loving most of my closet and it has come through buying nice basics and sweaters.

    Wow, that was a pointless comment. Basically, you're so right! :D

  7. Its not pointless! When I was making the spreadsheet I was thinking about how you wrote about trying to make only one thoughtful purchase a month. It makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning.

    PS--my new Topshop shoes remind me of a pair of shoes you have and I didn't realize it until I took those pics haha

  8. i've been thinking of this a lot lately too! i did a huge purge in the spring but i'm pretty much back to where i started, so I really need to buck up and change my habits. i've decided not to buy anything during december (convenient, since i can never afford to during this month anyway) and do an even more ruthless purge. i've been thinking a lot about some basic pieces I feel like my wardrobe needs. i also think blogging helps a lot! i notice what i actually wear the most, so i can try to work my wardrobe around them.

  9. What the... okay I need help with my wardrobe, hOW DID YOU DO THIS??

  10. I wish I was disciplined enough to make a spread sheet! I'm so terrible at things like that. I know one thing's for sure - if I has a wish list that skirt would be on it!

  11. That's a great idea to make a spreadsheet of things you really want/need for the upcoming season. I love making lists, so I might have to adapt this for my own using! I love combining long sleeved button-ups and sweaters (like you did here), so perhaps a new cozy sweater will be on my list for winter.

  12. That's a genius idea! I try hard to consider what I purchase, except at jumble sales (where I go a bit crazy but at 20p an item, how can I not) I wanted a pair of ankle boots in a brown/burgundy colour and resisted buying any high street ones for months, then found the perfect pair in a charity shop. That is a lovely jumper too.

  13. You look chic AND cozy! I have a problem with purchasing items without trying them on OR just because they're a bargain. The result is me donating pieces I haven't even worn! Definitely need to learn how to buy more basics.

  14. I like the sound of making a data sheet... may try that one. I also love this jumper.

  15. I'm really cautious about purchasing online because this has happened to me too! I have to take the exact measurements (like Etsy) or the shop has to have free shipping on returns.

  16. It's so good to think about the way you consume, especially when it comes to clothes. I think making a spreadsheet is a great idea (and exciting for a strategically organized person, such as myself). It's good to focus on quality things that you really want, as opposed to frivolously spending!

  17. I figured you meant those shoes, aka, the ones that you recognized when we went to the cobbler even though I didn't. ;)

    been wearing socks with all my shoes all winter... I've been kind of
    hoping no one would notice, cos I'm just doing it from a cold feet point
    of view... but actually I like how it looks in the recent pictures!

  18. DUDE, share those listmaking skills with us please!! I've been wanting to find a method to optimize my shopping. I'm over mindless spending as well.

  19. I think after this discussion I'm gonna have to! Its on its way :)


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