19 December 2012

Santacon Saturday

I really haven't felt much like blogging since Friday when someone stormed an elementary school and killed 26 people, mostly children. I spent a large part of the day weepy and anxious about what I would do if it happened at the school my mom works in. Watching the news and imagining the horrible scenario, alternating between tears and anger. I felt so guiltily relieved to not know anyone involved and to be able to turn off the TV and walk away, and so sad that some families will never be able to walk away. It seems strange to follow that up with a bunch of pictures, but I really felt like it needed to be acknowledged because I can't stop thinking about it for very long.

Saturday morning I nearly skipped Santacon, but I'm pretty happy that I went. It was really fun, silly as it sounds, to spend the day with a bunch of girls drinking in costumes. Reminded me to enjoy being alive.
Santacon is possibly the biggest, worst bar crawl to descend on New York City with teetering Santa's wandering the streets all day. I would hate it if I didn't have a red Santa hat and a drink in my hand.
There were Santa's everywhere. They were climbing out windows.
Santa's in all the streets, with everyone else looking thoroughly out of place.
Got to the bar to find all the girls in fantastic Christmas themed costumes and tutus.
Simultaneously drinking a Bloody Mary and a Mimosa.
Spontaneous dance party led by Antoinette.
Got caught eating the bacon off the carbonara.
Courteney, Lynn, Antoinette and me
Roving in packs spreading Christmas cheer. Look at those tutus!
We travelled downtown and laughed a whole lot when we instituted the buddy system so no one would be lost.
Courteney looking unamused, and also, "This Is..."
So we got downtown to the Lower East Side and it was a sea of Santa's. This bar was so crowded we couldn't even walk through it all the way. The afternoon ended a little while later when I headed home to go to out to dinner.


  1. Oh Santa Con, the event we all love to hate :)

  2. Ha! That looks like loads of fun! All hail the buddy system! <3


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