03 December 2012


Can you believe its December already? The month started out in the tail end of a devastating hurricane, and it feels like it passed in a blink. Things have slowly gotten a bit more normal around here and I was lucky enough to have quite a fun month. Here's a peek through my Instagram, @kallieish.
A quote I liked and some cookie art doodles.
Healthy lentil soup lunch and happy hour snacks.
Philadelphia to visit Juli.
A literary evening in Philly with Ashley and Hannah.
I ate way too much bacon on Thanksgiving and I got a pretty new dress that I've been wearing constantly.
I ate my first soup dumplings and enjoyed beautiful sunsets from my new desk at work.
Hopefully December will be good to me, and you too!


  1. love these photos, so cute

  2. great photograps! love it



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