05 December 2012

Cookies and wine and all things fine

The holiday season makes me rhyme constantly. Everything should be in Clement C. Moore poetry style as to alert you to the overabundance of Christmas Spirit.
Sunday afternoon at Courteney's was the first annual (because it was pre determined that this would happen every year) Cookie Baking and Wine Party.
Check out the cute Santa cap strawberries!
Antoinette liked my Rilakkuma bear iPhone case so much she bought a pink one.
My recipe: Nutella Cookies
1 cup all -purpose flour, 1 cup nutella, 1 whole egg. Blend dough. Roll into balls and smoosh down with a fork. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes.
After the party I went home and with my Christmas spirits still high I decorated my first apartment for the first time with some warm and festive things.


  1. gorgeous pictures, christmas is just the best isnt it?!
    also lovely cookie recipe mm

  2. cookie baking and wine night sounds amazing. we do a similar thing but without the cookie baking. ha!


  3. Mmm! I may have to try out the nutella cookies! Sounds like a lot of fun! I need my friends to do things like this, bring on the holidays yo!

  4. Oh my goodness your apartment looks SO sweet all decorated, I love love love it!

  5. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog, tis lovely to meet you! Oooh, I adore your Christmas edible treats, the strawberry Santa hats are hilarious (and I've never seen anything like them!) Brilliant! The Christmas decorations are very cheery too- I don't have any up at all, unfortunately!
    Hope you are well!

  6. Aw, maybe I've told you this before but I used to have that same (ikea?) tiny couch in a very similar tiny apartment in the same neighborhood :) *mushy nostalgic feeelingsssss

  7. Closet FashionistaDecember 7, 2012 at 5:35 AM

    So much Christmas awesomeness!! I love that adorable iphone case!



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