11 December 2012

Christmas Morning Wishes

These are a few (unrealistic) things I'd like to find in my stocking on Christmas morning.
Christmas wishlist 2012

Guerlain Terracotta to keep me from looking pale through the winter. The prettiest perfume in the world: Chanel Chance in Eau Tendre. B!te lip pencils in pink, poppy and purple; they use tannin from red wine in their formula.
A 35mm lens, I've been aching for one since I bought my new camera. A ridiculously expensive cat sweater in a pretty pale blue from Opening Ceremony. All of the Harry Potter DVD's so I can watch them again a million times.
New silver mary-janes for dancing. A new black beanie (I lost mine in Philly). Fancy moon and star earrings. A new moleskine planner for 2013.

What are you hoping to find on Christmas morning?


  1. Those shoes! Realistically I am hoping for an inflatable paddling pool in case we have a scorcher of a day (the joys of celebrating Christmas in the subtropics, haha)

  2. Ooh I love those shoes!!

    I want a bunch of $75+ dresses that I will never be able to afford - woe is me!

  3. My 35mm lens changed my life, so worth it, I am also in love with those silver maryjanes, so cute!

  4. wonderful wishlist :D

  5. I will take one of everything! My friend Dan just bought the big fancy Harry Potter collection and I borrowed it when I was sick and it was THE BEST.

  6. I just got that set of Moleskin planners for 2013, and it is love. So colorful and so organized. I think it was like $30 on Amazon, totally worth it.

  7. Gah, I love the moon and star earrings! So cool. All I want for Christmas is an iPhone 5... but I have a feeling nobody is going to get me one. DAMN IT MOM. If I were rich I would buy all of these things for you!!

  8. I got those moleskin planner's last year and I think I wrote in one of them. I'm the worst.

  9. I usually just get one big one so that doesn't happen. If I don't have a place to scribble things they end up on napkins and post its and then the garbage. I don't want to lose any ideas!


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