29 December 2012

Beautiful gifts

I was completely spoiled this Christmas by my family and boyfriend and even my boss! I originally wanted so many things until I realized that I really didn't,but ended up getting thoughtful and useful gifts that were better than anything I could have anticipated. Must have been a very good girl this year, because Santa was very good to me.
On that note, how old were you when you still believed in Santa? I still do, in some ways. Not that an actual man rides around a sleigh but the spirit of giving without thought for something in return I completely believe in. Giving gifts can feel even more heartwarming than getting them.
Here are a few things by my little pipe-cleaner tree that I brought home to my apartment already
I'll tell you more about it later, but about halfway through the year I started running, and I completed my first 5K in October. My mom, as you know, runs marathons and was so proud of me that she bought me these beautiful new Nike Lunarglide's for Christmas. On a technical note, they are recommended for people who overpronate a bit like me (that's running on the outside of the foot!). Plus they're purple and I love them.
My mom also bought me these beautiful mismatch earrings from Catbird that I can't wait to wear on New Year's Eve.
My best gift came from Rich; A 35mm f/2 lens that I used for these photos. Paired with my new camera its pretty close to perfection.
A book on how to survive a garden gnome attack from Rich, a new Moleskine day planner from my mom because I can't get through a day without a plan, a book of short stories about New York City from my grandparents and the Harry Potter DVD collection from Rich. I have a lot of things to keep me busy on the couch this winter!
Every year I get a fairy or a gnome ornament from my grandma.*
The books again, and in the corner its a portable iPhone charger from my boss! It will come in handy in super long meetings or happy hour's.
*I collect gnomes! My collection has grown a lot recently.

Did you give or receive anything good this year?


  1. You actually got all the Harry Potter films? Your people are the best! These are wonderful gifts. I got myself a bridge camera can't wait to start playing around with that.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Awesome gifts! x


  3. Oooh, what wonderful gifts! I like the look of the New York Stories book. I was very spoiled as well - lots of books and music came my way which made me a very happy girl.



  4. You are freakin kiddin me. I love gnomes!! Your photos look so great with the new lens~

    Giveaway on my blog!

  5. I'd be equally thrilled with these lovely gifts...they all look like a lot of thought went into them. And a gnome Christmas decoration...genius :) I got lots of books and clothes this year, a lovely retro radio and a couple of magazine subscriptions..the gift that keeps on giving!

  6. Looks like you got lots of great things! I love that you collect gnomes because they're pretty much the best. The new lens looks fantastic too!

  7. Ooooo what fabulous things. I like how those sneakers are actually attractive and not super gross looking like a lot of running shoes. Especially love those earrings too! My favorite gifts I received were my new doc martens from my parents and the handmade coffee table from my mom! My favorite gift I gave was the vintage peanut books I scored on ebay for my oldest brother because he used to borrow them from the library all the time when he was little.

  8. Emily_RubySlippersJanuary 2, 2013 at 10:10 AM

    Tried commenting here yesterday but Disqus hates me. Just saying: 35mm lenses are awesome! I got one in the summer and it made life so much better. Also, I love those earrings and I still want to read that book of New York stories aaaand, my favourite thing of all of this might be: "I thought I wanted a lot of things until I realized I didn't." That's how we should all feel. :)

  9. You are by far my favorite blogger, and when I read people complain about how tacky/superficial other bloggers are, I feel so grateful to be a reader of your's. I hope you have a really great 2013- I can't wait to see what adventures await you!


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