12 December 2012

Backpack Graduate

In my school days I was always one of those girls with a tiny backpack for my pens and lip gloss and carried my books in my arms. My teeny Dickies canvas sac with little cloth roses pinned to it always slung over my drab school uniform.
Though as I got older and more acquainted with public transportation, the benefits of having my hands free became clear to me.
There was the practically obligatory-for-college-freshmen North Face backpack for ferrying huge text books from the dorms to the library, which gave way to the ubiquitous Longchamp nylon tote (a glorified backpack) for carrying sweaters and snacks to internships and my first jobs.
After years of lugging too small-purses with sometimes numerous tote bags, I have finally graduated from the actual and the glorified backpacks to a real, grown-up work bag. After agonizing for a very long time and buying and returning several very expensive bags (one from See by Chloe was cheaply made and a Foley+Corinna that could have moonlighted as a duffel bag), I finally found the Clare Vivier Messenger Tote.
It was THE bag I had been seeing in my dreams. Black leather, roomy enough for a laptop and bagged lunch, no large flashy hardware or frills and less expensive than what I had anticipated for this everyday staple. My favorite detail is the detachable pouch inside where I keep an array of chapsticks and lip colors.
A serious bout of buyer's remorse set in and was remedied when on day one the shoulder strap stitching separated and the bag slipped right off of me. Noticing how thin that strap was for a large bag, presumably carrying quite a lot and how it seemed smaller than the measurements and I freaked out. I immediately called Clare Vivier's customer service line and also sent an email describing my hesitation over keeping the bag if it couldn't stand up to what I needed it for. In response I got a great email from someone in customer service who personally owns the same bag and she described what she carried in it daily and that typically they can withstand a lot. She thought my bag may have been defective and offered to send me a brand new one.
Now I carry my messenger tote everyday, everywhere and would recommend the bag and the company to anyone. I really think its important to be choosy when investing in a something you use every day, and Clare Vivier's customer service really helped me out so you'll get what you pay for. I am so happy to finally be done searching for the perfect everyday bag...though I do have my eye on the red duffel for the summer.
Clare Vivier Messenger Bag


  1. Congrats to you. Isn't it nice to finally get a bag you like?

  2. I'm usually not much of a bag girl, but that one is just wonderful :)


  3. I love this bag, and I'm also on the hunt for the perfect working girl purse. (Considering a Cambridge Stachel Co). People in Seattle don't really do bags, they do backpacks, so I feel I need to stay true to my East Coast heritage and get something fantastic!

  4. I'm pretty sure I just audibly sighed upon viewing this bag. It's so gorgeous! I can see why you would recommend this brand and bag. That's something I'm always worried about though - will the bag hold up to the amount I'm carrying? I'm nervously awaiting the day that my main school bag breaks uhhhhh

    xxoo Elanor

  5. It's lovely! I really really like it.

  6. That bag is perfect! I love how you created a little story of your bag journey. It's nice to hear that the customer service was so helpful, too! It has a really classic look to it, definitely great for an everyday staple.

  7. One should never under estimate the value of the perfect "big girl" bag. I had my first one custom made for me a few years ago. It's surpassed many other bags and just gets more awesome the longer I break it in. Yours is a beautiful bag!

  8. This bag is gorgeous, I have recently bought a Radley bag which is beautifully slouchy and it is perfect for everyday!

    Maria xxx


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