08 November 2012

Weather related stress

Yea. I said it. I hate talking about the weather, but really, what the hell? A devastating hurricane and now its blizzarding outside my apartment.
That's not even a word! But its exactly whats happening.
In between harsh weather events I'm catching up on the work I missed all last week, prepping for one of those cool projects I keep alluding to and a million little things that all seem to matter at the moment but later I can't remember.
These pictures are from last Sunday and while I was taking these the hurricane sirens were ripping through the air. It feels like months and months ago. Pumpkins and green leaves clinging to trees. Warm enough for just a sweater and scarf. But I did hear somewhere that it could be a scarf+sweater loving 60 degrees this weekend.
H&M tee with peter pan collar
JCrew sweater
American Apparel skirt
vintage Etienne Aigner loafers
vintage Coach purse
my mom's hat
Uniqlo scarf


  1. Great colors. I like the skirt. So sorry you have to brave such terrible weather. Hang in there.

    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  2. you're so lovely and the hat is so cute, great!

  3. She looks fabulous...love her style!

  4. I live in central CT, so Hurricane Sandy didn't have too much of an effect on us. But man, this blizzard sure did! I definitely wasn't prepared for winter to come so soon :(

    On a happier note, you look absolutely lovely! Everything about this outfit is awesomesauce.


  5. Your use of the term awesomesauce THRILLS me! (just fyi is my favorite adjective)

  6. Seriously! What's next? A volcano?! Stay warm, girl! Love your sweater~


  7. great outfit. I love the collar and I have been hunting for a big hat like that for a while, you look great:)

  8. i like how this outfit has a lot of different colours going on but since they're all kinda muted/neutral colours they all work together. the sweater looks so cozy too.

  9. Everyone's joking around here that next come the locusts...

  10. RetroStreetStationNovember 8, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    So great! I love everything, especially the loafers <3

  11. Love this outfit, the mustard colour is perfect for fall!

    Maria xxx

  12. Ahhh how do you manage to look so effortlessly like yourself all the time? So streamlined and pretty and you even look good in an enormous hat! I'm having a style meltdown of sorts I think.

    Anyway, I think you're more than entitled to talk about the weather. That's crazy about the blizzard... I hope your weekend warmer temperatures materialize.

  13. loveeeeee this outfit so much! x http://losttinafairytale.blogspot.nl/

  14. I love everything about this outfit!xo


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