11 November 2012

Sick day for two

Last weekend I was terribly sick/dehydrated and spent a couple of useless hours in an over crowded emergency room. I dragged myself through the week, working and sleeping and not much else. When Rich came to my apartment on Friday night he had probably caught what I had.
Saturday was a sick day for two. We woke up from a NyQuil induced haze before the sun was even all the way up and stayed in bed under the covers looking at funny cats to get our brains going.
There wasn't even a crumb to be found in my cupboards, so we laced up our boots to get soup and stuff.
I took advantage of Rich having his car in the city and begged him to drive us to the Trader Joe's. My sunglasses are no where to be found, and it was really painful to be outside.
At home again I heated up some soup and tea and we watched Earth Girls are Easy until I fell asleep again.
When I woke up from my nap I needed fresh air so we took a short walk around the neighborhood and saw some fat little birds in the trees.
We came home and Rich got cozy and answered some emails for work.
The fire escape served as a secondary fridge to keep drinks cool for dinner.
I made lentil soup for Sunday.
We stayed on the couch watching Parks and Rec until we were laughing and feeling a little better and it was time to go to dinner.


  1. Hi Kallie i love your photos!!! Kisses

    Rose jp

  2. Despite the sickness, it sounds like a wonderfully cozy day. Soup and tea is the perfect remedy!

  3. Aw your sick day sounds like it was a nice cozy day. I'm sure it would have been infinitely better if you were both feeling well though. I really liked your recap of your sick day though! Such a cute idea for a blog post.

  4. cute blog, lovely apartment. x




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