27 November 2012

One outfit for the weekend, or Paramecium

A few weeks ago this gem of a jumper turned up outside my door while Rich and I were inside drinking tea and fighting off colds. Upon seeing my package (because who doesn't love mail) I tore it open and excitedly shook it out, held it up to myself, spun around and generally pranced with my new dress.
Rich's reaction, in ultra slow-motion voice: Paramecium?
This weekend I lived solely in this outfit traipsing all over the city. Covered in paramecium and super soft corduroy.
vintage dress bought from Pernie Jayne Vintage
jcrew jackie cardigan
steve madden booties
Nixon watch
vintage coach purse


  1. Lovely jumper, cute pattern. x

  2. Haha paramecium. That's great! I don't think it looks like paramecium though! It's so cute and I like it layered over the black cardigan. Those boots are absolutely fantastic too.

  3. So wonderful! I also looove getting mail! I get stupidly giddy when I do.

  4. Love this dress, corduroy is so comfy!

    Maria xxx

  5. hehe ohh Rich. Seriously that dress is SO awesome though. I like the colors a whole bunch, plus cordoroy!!

  6. GWAH!! This is the perfect jumper!! I am all sorts of jelly :) Also, I love that you can take photos indoors, your apartment looks so pretty :)

  7. ahhhh BEST dress! yes we should go get dumplings! is there a certain day of the week that would be best for a double date for you guys?

  8. Aww thank you! I like my place. Its super tiny so it was easy to decorate. If it were a whole house or something it would probably just be white walls and sad random ikea furniture.
    Shooting indoors is SUPER easy. Shoot in P (you still have the Xsi right?) Set your white balance and turn on EVERY SINGLE LIGHT that could potentially add light to the photo. If you wanna talk more about indoor shooting, send me an email. I work on it CONSTANTLY.

  9. well it's some dope paramecium no denying

  10. This print! It's the perfect blend of floral & paisley. So, so great.

  11. hannah @ The Braided BanditNovember 28, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    The jumper is adorable. Aren't guys' reactions the best sometimes (or ahem, the worst)? I got new glasses the other day, and while I know the'yre a bit out there being oversized and bright yellow, but my boyfriend was very quick to tell me I looked like I was wearing a snorkel mask haha
    xo Hannah

  12. I absolutely love that jumper, and you look absolutely gorgeous in these photos. And I am super jealous that you can take photos indoors. As you know, there is seriously 0% chance of that happening at Albert's since it's so dark and full of wretched leather couches. Pfff.

  13. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you like your dress. It's nice to see I brought a little bit of vintage goodness to the world! Christen @ Pernie Jayne Vintage :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/perniejaynevintage


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