14 November 2012

Cats & Cookies

The real reason the Internet exists is probably to look at cats and cookies (and maybe buy shoes). Why? What do you use it for?
Being inside and lazy all day makes me restless, but thank goodness for friends making an early Saturday night dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with crispy chocolate-chip cookies for dessert.
Rich and I drove to Williamsburg at about 6 and it was already the middle of the night on the Manhattan skyline.
Mallory baked cookies and James worked on the spaghetti and sauce. I primarily licked spoons and assisted in keeping cats out of the way.
Moose, he's a handsome devil.
As usual, I didn't photograph dinner because I was too busy eating. I did get the cookies fresh from the oven though!
Elephant is sittin' pretty in her tree.
Taking a look at Mallory's beautiful indoor garden wall.
We went home to my house and poured a sour Framboise that tasted a bit like cough medicine and watched Parks and Rec until falling asleep.


  1. This sounds like the perfect night! :) and OMG KITTIES!!!! They are so cute!! Mine are never in photos because they run away when I take out the camera. I hope you are feeling better!

  2. I always forget to take photos of food, I'm way to interested in just eating too. I love that indoor garden too, I just showed it to my boyfriend and I hope I can convince him to set something up like this in our house. I really miss having a garden. Gorgeous photos xo

  3. Its Aerogardens and some Ikea shelves and she ties the plants to the bars in the shelving. Basically she's a gardening wizard. If I had the space I totally would. Going in that room is like sitting in a forest, lots of oxygen and moisture and light.

  4. "I primarily licked spoons and assisted in keeping cats out of the way."

    Yup, that is pretty much my main function at any gathering involving food.


  5. Sounds like a lovely evening! It's so odd how it looks like midnight around 6 o'clock now, but I suppose the sun in the morning is nice. Moose is such a cute little cat!

  6. elephant!!! oh my gosh what a princess.


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