30 November 2012

Block Printing Bunny Blobs

Last night Meghan and I met up to attend an Etsy Studios Block-Printing class with Leah Goren. First we got mega lost, but then we figured it out and weren't too late. We saw an open space at a table and asked to join and who should look up but Instagram-friend and knitting queen Meg! Such a cool coincidence proving again how small this city can be.
Anyhow, we got to work and I made a blob bunny. I accidentally carved off his cottonball tail, but he didn't really need it anyway.
Meg and Meg happily carving away.
We couldn't get in on the little skinny tools for details but we made do.
And then we got in the photobooth "yay!"
Its so sterile and white, I wouldn't have expected such a cozy workspace to be in this space age building.
Outside there was this incredible view through the Manhattan Bridge, framing the Empire State Building.
Afterwards we rode the train and said goodnight to Meg. Grabbed some "funghi" pizza and wine and called it a night.

29 November 2012

A Dress For Snow

Here is how I looked on Tuesday when all it did outside my office window was snow, snow, snow. My favorite vintage dress with a cozy cardigan and my Doc Marten's.
My office is very much a business-casual dress kind of place so my Doc's have to go once I get to work which is kind of a bummer. I keep some cute navy blue velvet ballet flats at my desk though which surprisingly match most of my clothes.
You're also probably thinking that I'm nuts for wearing a sleeveless dress on a snowy, ice cold day. I am in fact, crazy and really need to re-think this whole winter wardrobe thing. Most of the day I was huddled under my scarf that I used as a blanket with my hands wrapped around some tea.
Vintage dress
BDG cardigan
Doc Marten's

28 November 2012

High Line Sunset

Sunday afternoon I went into Manhattan to meet up with some friends. We met at about 3 but the whole afternoon felt like it was a long, pretty evening because the days have gotten so short.
Crunching through some November leaves.
We made a quick stop in Times Square and took a walk around. Originally Dave had meant to take his friend downtown to see the Statue of Liberty, but unfortunately the subway station has been closed since the hurricane.
Instead, we went to the High Line.
Its a beautiful park that used to be an elevated train, along the west side of Manhattan.
You can't see it in the photo, but we could see the Statue of Liberty glowing in the light behind me at the time.
Lindsay took some snapshots.
Rainbow windows.
At the end of the park there's a biergarten at The Standard Hotel where we had beers and hung out under the heat lamps.
Devil-red-super-warm-heat-lamp-face friends.
Then I went home and stuffed myself with Thanksgiving leftovers until I fell asleep while watching Friday Night Lights. Exciting, huh?

27 November 2012

One outfit for the weekend, or Paramecium

A few weeks ago this gem of a jumper turned up outside my door while Rich and I were inside drinking tea and fighting off colds. Upon seeing my package (because who doesn't love mail) I tore it open and excitedly shook it out, held it up to myself, spun around and generally pranced with my new dress.
Rich's reaction, in ultra slow-motion voice: Paramecium?
This weekend I lived solely in this outfit traipsing all over the city. Covered in paramecium and super soft corduroy.
vintage dress bought from Pernie Jayne Vintage
jcrew jackie cardigan
steve madden booties
Nixon watch
vintage coach purse

26 November 2012

Cold and Windy New York City

New York City cold weather is very specific. Wind rushes down the avenues and blinding sunlight on one street gives way to deep shadows even on the brightest of days on another. Saturday was a day just like that. In typical fashion we spent the day darting from warm place to warm place with hot drinks and food.
Starting the day with hot tea at home with the Christmas lights to make it cozy.
On take one of leaving the apartment it was too cold to make it past the courtyard, so I turned right around to add more layers and tried again. The first stop was at the diner for eggs with coffee. We saw a bike I'd never seen before and Rich gave me a lesson in shaft driven bike mechanics using utensils and cheerful red mugs.
We took the subway and the coldest, windiest walk in all of Manhattan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I got reprimanded for taking this picture. I'm totally badass and take Christmas decorations very very seriously. We wandered from gallery to gallery looking at medieval drinking horns, animal door knockers and old baseball cards until late in the afternoon when it was too crowded to see anything.
After leaving the museum and 30 blocks downtown by subway, we arrived at Joe's Shanghai. We had been planning to go here for about 2 years and we finally made it in. I can't believe I put it off for so long. We started with beer, obviously.
And moved on to soup dumplings which are possibly the most fantastic phenomenal delicious thing to ever be cooked. Its a steamed dumpling with a meatball and soup inside of it. I dropped them into my spoon and broke open the dough to slurp out thick hot broth and to pick out a meatball with some chopsticks.
In the evening the wind was practically gone and being outside wasn't so unbearable. We walked around looking in store windows and past The Plaza (made famous by Home Alone 2 Lost in NY, and possibly other reasons but who knows...) and caught a train towards home.

25 November 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

On Thanksgiving I let an 11 year old run around with my camera while I followed closely behind. For the past few years my mom and her boyfriend bring our large families together for a 20-something person dinner including grandparents, children and friends. I've decided not to post the family photos that were taken since I didn't ask anyone there if it would be alright to use them. However, I will say letting a kid take the pictures was fun, it was great to see our new-traditional dinner through the eyes of a young girl. She was also so kind as to snap a quick outfit photo for me.
Vintage tapestry purse, 1980's thrift store Abercrombie & Fitch sweater, BDG skirt, Topshop shoes.
Turkey, cauliflower, fennel, stuffing, mashed potatoes. #food coma.

21 November 2012

Tuesday is Friday

The Holiday's are upon us and I could not be more excited. More than usual perhaps, and to celebrate I took a lot days off in the coming weeks including today. Yesterday I finished out my two day work week with drinks and an evening out with my friend Jade.
Yesterday was also the first day that I got to wear my pretty new skirt from ASOS. After ages of searching for the perfect green skirt I found one that even has pretty gold buttons too.I'm not sure ASOS knows much about size descriptions though. When it arrived it was massive and already sold out in all the smaller sizes. Thank goodness for tailors, but as a warning to everyone: their size charts are totally wacky.
Cooperative bumblebee sweater, ASOS skirt, steve madden booties, vintage coach bag, Nixon watch, Jcrew cardigan

Psst...also I'm stuck in a skirt+sweater+booties rut. It could be worse, but I'm not thrilled. I'm determined to use my days off to force myself out of it with copious dress-up time!

16 November 2012

Bedrooms and dresses and unicorns

Here are a few things I like on Pinterest right now. I'm heading to Philly for the weekend and am super excited! Do you have any fun weekend plans?
Inside Voices
Lust List
Visualize Verbalize

14 November 2012

Cats & Cookies

The real reason the Internet exists is probably to look at cats and cookies (and maybe buy shoes). Why? What do you use it for?
Being inside and lazy all day makes me restless, but thank goodness for friends making an early Saturday night dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with crispy chocolate-chip cookies for dessert.
Rich and I drove to Williamsburg at about 6 and it was already the middle of the night on the Manhattan skyline.
Mallory baked cookies and James worked on the spaghetti and sauce. I primarily licked spoons and assisted in keeping cats out of the way.
Moose, he's a handsome devil.
As usual, I didn't photograph dinner because I was too busy eating. I did get the cookies fresh from the oven though!
Elephant is sittin' pretty in her tree.
Taking a look at Mallory's beautiful indoor garden wall.
We went home to my house and poured a sour Framboise that tasted a bit like cough medicine and watched Parks and Rec until falling asleep.

12 November 2012

Oxblood and Black

This is what I wore on Saturday when I was sick. I can't stand to sit around in pajamas all day long. It makes me feel worse to stay in the same clothes I've slept in. Showering and putting on clean, fresh things makes me feel better. Even if its just drink tea and watch movies with my boyfriend.
Some people think tights are fussy and uncomfortable, but I think of them as leggings that keep my feet warm. Shorts and tights are my favorite because its not as restrictive as pants but less revealing than leaving the house in nothing but the tights.
Moto jacket
thrifted sweater
American Apparel shorts
Doc Martens
vintage Coach bag
hat from a Paris map shop

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