23 October 2012

Lingering Summer feelings

This past weekend felt just like all the best parts of summer packed into two days. It was warm, sunny and relaxed like a tiny slice of summer vacation. I stayed out until Friday night turned into Saturday morning and slept in until it was too bright in my apartment to keep my eyes closed. In shorts, an old tee shirt and my raggedy flats I poked around in stores and wandered in the Manhattan sunshine. Then took a long nap while the sun set and spent the night eating grilled cheese sandwiches and having beers with my friends. I'm still really nervous about bringing my camera around with me just now though. Trust me, it was a lovely night. The weather was chilly and we kicked around fallen leaves, but that pervasive summer-freedom feeling was still in the air.
On Sunday I threw open the windows in my apartment, perhaps for the last time this year, while I made breakfast and got dressed. I headed out for a long aimless walk through the neighborhood. Once I was home the sun was going down and the air was chilly again but I put on a sweater and left the windows open anyway because it still felt a little like summer.
Vintage dress
Paul et Joe sister tee shirt
Abercrombie denim jacket (circa 2003)
Steve Madden booties
Antoine et Lili purse

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  1. aw cute! I love the picnicky skirt:)

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks lovely, I adore that dress!

    Maria xxx

  3. It's hard knowing that there will be no more bare legs for a long time, glad you got a final taste of summer, sounds like a perfect relaxed weekend.

  4. You look lovely. it is so nice you are able to hang out with great friends! I really love your skirt.

  5. This is such a cute outfit! I love the summery vibe of the skirt but how you give it a slight edge, making it a wearable look for any time of the year.


  6. That sounds like a wonderful, fun weekend! I'm anxiously awaiting the true fall weather so I can be cozy in sweaters and tights and enjoy being outside again. Also you look wonderful here. I love how you've styled that vintage dress. The booties are very cool paired with it!


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