24 October 2012

Brooklyn Monday

On Monday after work I went to meet my mom and her friend Taryn in Brooklyn. I took pictures with my cellphone because I'm afraid to bring my camera out with me still. When I came out of the subway the sky looked like cotton candy on an Empire State Building stick.
I met them at the Wythe Hotel.
They were in the bar downstairs having a drink when I arrived.
Next stop at the rooftop bar to drink wine and look out over New York.
We walked along Wythe with one restaurant in mind, but Isa smelled so delicious that we had to eat there.
The beautiful cocktail menu. I think I had a sip of Taryn's delicious Hunny Bunny cocktail that had smoked salt and honey syrup in tequila.
My mom in a supercute fox tee shirt!
The most perfect pizza with sausage and broccoli rabe and thin crispy crust.
After the pizza we had steak, chicken and sweet potatoes but I was too hungry to take a picture. We walked Taryn to the Hotel and my mom drove me to my apartment on her way home.

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  1. Ohhh, your mom is adorable! This looks like so much fun; I want my mom to visit now. And why is your phone so good at photography??

  2. Great pictures! And your mother is beautiful. I love her fox shirt/dress.


  3. This looks beautiful and your mum is so cute!

    Maria xxx

  4. What a lovely outing!! I adore your mom's shirt!!

  5. "too hungry to take a picture"--haha, that's all right, we've all been there! ;)

  6. When they put the food down and I already have the fork in my hand I cannot be bothered to photograph it! :)

  7. Those images are great having been taken with your phone.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Lovely blog, instant follower.

    attempted ambition blog

  8. beautiful photos! Looks like a fun time

  9. i love that skyline picture! i wish i could visit New York again -- i want to go during Christmas time. there's nothing better than New York around Christmas!

  10. I am YOUR friend too! <3


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